Church Disputes City's Rules


POSTED: Monday, July 18, 2011 - 6:20pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 3, 2012 - 11:55am

EL PASO - The Jesus Chapel in west El Paso wants to spread their message. Pastor Warren Hoyt worked out a deal with a sign company to put in a large digital sign in front of the church, to the tune of $17,000. Specifically, Hoyt hoped that the sign could bring in those with addictions to the 12 Step Program which meets there, the same one Hoyt credits with turning his own life around. Hoyt says that their old sign attracted three suicidal people who told him that they came inside to get help after seeing that sign.

But, right as the construction of the sign was completed, Hoyt says the City of El Paso told him that they could not light the sign. Such large digital signs are no longer allowed. He says that according to new rules, they could not even put up their old sign, which sat in front of the Jesus Chapel for the past 28 years. Signs now must be no bigger than 4 feet by 5 feet.

The church is now stuck, because the contractor who put in the new sign cannot find a buyer for the sign, to take it out of the church's hands. So, unless the city's rules looks like the sign will stay in front of the Jesus Chapel, but it will stay dark.

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Good Point what About UTEP Sigh?

Good poit what about UTEP sign?

Lets backtrack on this, the church contacts a "contractor" who should be up to date on city rules and regulations, regarding the sign. The contractor puts up the sign, not even bothering to check if any permits or permission is needed, finishes the job, and WHOA!!! It was never supposed to be put up in the first place, shame on unscrupulous contractors, it should serve as a warning before you contract anyone to do any work. not the cities fault or the pastors fault.

So UTEP's jumbo digital sign that can be seen from I-10 isn't against the rules?

How about all the other digital signs out there? There is one down the street of shadow mountain for a bank. Why isn't that turned off?

Is it because you have a problem with a church? Its your choice to look at it just like its your choice to listen to the word of god or not.

What will this city think of next ugh don't they have anything else better to do...I don't see anyone else reaching out to drug addicts or suicidile people not even rehabs are doing their job.

This church needs to be stuck!! The pastor is sticking his nose where it should not be , politics. He should be tending his flock not being all involved in city politics!!! LET HE YOU LIVES WITHOUT SIN BE THE FIRST TO CAST A STONE!!!!

Saving souls and changing lives is sticking his nose where it should not be, politics? Are you sure you have the right pastor?

Really,really, really. Really, is El Paso a little 150 people town? Instead of progress, they are going back to the 1800's. I guess the Clear Channel and CBS mafia run the advertising game in El Paso.

That stinks. So what if the church only lights up & utilizes 4' x 5' of the actual sign with messages, and only leaves the rest of the sign unlit, could that work?

Typical of El Paso. Crooked politicians and crooked contractors.

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