Child Handcuffed For Copping Attitude


POSTED: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 2:20pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 5:47pm

Children who cop an attitude at school might want to think twice.

11-year-old Yajira Quezada, a sixth-grader at Colorado's Shaw Heights Middle School, was handcuffed and taken to a holding facility for disobeying the orders of an assistant principal during lunch and being "argumentative and extremely rude".

An Adams County Sheriff's Office incident report says the assistant principal found Yajira walking in the hallway during lunch because the girl claimed she was cold and needed to get a sweater from her locker.

The report says the assistant principal was in mid-sentence when Yajira, "turned and walked away saying, 'I don't have time for this.'"

When intervention efforts with a counselor failed, Yajira was handcuffed and put in the school resource officer's patrol car and taken to a juvenile holding facility called "The Link."

"She told me that I need to quit giving her my attitude. Why would they handcuff me? I'm not the type of girl to get arrested," Yajira said.

The Adams County Sheriff's Office says handcuffing kids during transport is standard procedure.

"They're treating them like criminals. And they're not, they're kids," Yajira's mother, Mireya Gaytan, said.

Gaytan doesn't condone her daughter's behavior but questions the severity of the punishment and the handcuff marks left on Yajira's hands.

Steve Saunders, director of communications and community relations for Adams County School District 50, says anytime an incident rises to this level, officials take a close look at what happened.

"You hate to see something escalate to where it becomes a police matter. Once they step in and take over a case, it is really in their hands. The conclusion was, as far as the district was concerned, everything was handled appropriately," Saunders said.

Gaytan moved both of her daughters to a new school.

"I don't want this to happen to any more 11-year-old kids. They're scaring them. They're traumatizing them," Gaytan said.

Yajira now knows what not to do when talking to a teacher.

"Not to give them attitude. I am blaming myself," Yajira said.

The Adams County Sheriff's Office says they could not talk about this incident because a juvenile was involved and no charges were filed.

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If a parent had done this the child would have been taken away and placed in foster care the parent would be arrested and facing prison time, The US is on the verge of collaspe, The police stae and extremist , Iorn first represive , abosulte Government Rule without quesion or accountability is sure to be Americans Down fall, The pople are deceived and mezmarized by clever desigins to keep the people fearful and focused on Musilms, while the deacy of 450 years of Terrany, propted up as domacracy, is now no longer spoek of as the rights of all Citizens, we hear about Iareal rights , But that Country is abusing african Regugess and occupying the Palastaning people children is shot by iareali Military and Police for throwning stones, yet both the US and Isrel and England France germany is guilty of Racial and religious profling and abuse of a wide array of human rights that , Leaders in Other nations is tried and convicted and in the case of irak and Lybbia Egypt and now Syria, war crimes and Crimes against humanity, is used , But each of the so called Democratic nations have a dark history at home and around the Globe of abuses, Thouhgt Obama would put an end to this , But that seems to be a mistake for trusting and beleiving a lawyer , and power and control freak, pretending to be for the people's best intrest, I see that the people, are the only one to determine the best intrest, I know htis child will suffer fear and trauma, from this terrofying event, but that waht it was desinged to accomplish, We must not fear , as US citiznes we must stand togather to make sure the prision complex is dissolved, And the abuse of power is not allowed to go unchecked. Such as in this case, I saw where a Military Wife of a oficer in Tampa Florida purchased a Gun and killed her three beautiful teen and youth children because they was mouthy she said, yet a poor homelss mother is meeted the letter of the law for a school disrtict oversight, and sentenced a long term in prison, America is not a nation to be proud of when seen for what goes on behnd it's Iorn Curtin.

Amen Brother you said it all

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