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Saturday, December 20, 2014 - 8:24pm

Child Dies in Train Crash


POSTED: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - 4:58pm

UPDATED: Sunday, August 1, 2010 - 9:19am

ANTHONY, NM - New information on what we first reported as breaking news last night.

A 2-year-old is dead after a train and van crashed near Anthony, NM.

Police tell us the driver was trying to beat the train when the accident happened.

Now, neighbors are telling us what they heard last night and more importantly what they did not hear.

Neighbors near the train tracks are outraged.

They say they have never felt safe crossing the tracks and now they are enduring a painful memory.

Ysidra Sanchez lives a few feet from the tracks and immediately ran outside after a train hit a van.

"This morning they told me one of the children had already passed so you know I'm really concerned," Sanchez said.

Six people were inside the van - 2-year-old Nadeen Tovar died.

Sanchez says she helped keep another child, 3-year-old Desirae stay conscious until paramedics came.

"Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now not tomorrow or the day after, today," Sanchez said.

Neighbors like, Melissa Romero, say they could hear the accident from their homes.

"My family was outside and that's when we heard the brakes of the train really loud like a really squeaking noise," Romero said.

But they say they never heard the train's horn and that is their biggest concern.

"Yesterday evening we didn't hear nothing, I didn't hear nothing and we usually do," Romero said.

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I do not want to come to any conclusions except that these children also did not have the proper child seats and were not buckled up according to the news reports. That first was the fault of the mother. Whether or not she was trying to beat the train or the horn was not sounded is not the only issue. She broke the law by not having everyone in the vehicle properly restrained as required by law. She is a mom and has suffered a tremendous loss with one child. May God be with her.

After watching the video, it is clear that this crossing has no active warning devices: bells, flashing lights, gates. IT IS a death trap, especially if an Engineer fails to sound the horn. If school buses use this crossing, it is imperative that active warning devices are installed. It is time for human life to be placed above money. Every RR crossing in the U.S. should have an active warning device and, with hi-tech. devices such as Strobe lights, they could. It won't happen! Money wins.

I have investigated over 300 RR crossing crashes in the last 20 years. I have found many incidents where the Engineer failed to sound the horn or did it a second or two before impact. Also, the RR industry claims the warning devices at crossings are "fail-safe", but that is a monstrous lie. Some rust on just one rail can defeat the detection device, called the Track Circuit. As I tell people who immediately blame the driver WITHOUT knowing the facts, "don't jump to false conclusions."

Whoever was driving this car is a real inconsiderate person, HOW can you even think of trying to beat a train when you have six other people in the car with you?!!


Dont blame the driver of the train on this. The female driving is to blame. Driving reckless and trying to beat the train. Whats the rush. Now a two year old has to pay the price. Its not the train drivers fault whether or not he blew the horn. The female driver new what she was doing.

YOU SAID, "The female driver "new" what she was doing." How do you know? Were you there? I don't think you were, so why are you jumping to conclusions? There is a LAW that the Engineer has to sound the horn. So, according to you, that doesn't matter. There are no bells, flashing lights or gates at that crossing. SO, a driver has only sight and sound to avoid a crash. If the Engineer fails to sound the horn, there goes the audible warning. SO, why you are blaming the driver without facts?

Investigator, you are clearly slanted. you have decided it is all the RR's fault without having one fact available to you. More impressive is you have done this without setting foot at the accident scene.

Why are you blaming the train crew without facts? Just as there is a LAW the engineer blows the horn, there are laws the driver yield the right of way to a train, no matter what warnings are at the crossing. Just saying...

my heart goes out to the young lady. hindsight is always 20/20. she is punished enough for life with the loss of her child. nothing else needs to be said or done to this young woman. i heard she was also pregnant. i am praying for the recovery of the other children, but as i said she will never get over the loss> god bless the family

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