Chihuahua State Police: "Inmates Had a Party Before Prison Riot"


POSTED: Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 8:26am

UPDATED: Friday, July 29, 2011 - 8:40am

JUAREZ, Mexico - According to Chihuahua State Police, about 40 inmates had a party inside Cereso Prison before Monday night's deadly riot.

Police also said four underage women were brought into the jail for the party.

Investigators recovered 729 bullets after the massacre, and are now interviewing about 400 inmates to find the gunmen.

Police say there were six machine guns involved, but only one has been recovered and the other five are still missing. 

The Cereso Prison spokesman has said that it was not an attempted prison break, however investigators said they found several inmates in the tunnels that lead out of the jail.

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Duh, sex, alcohol and drugs "INSIDE" a max prison. It does not take a PHD to surmise that "someone" on the inside was making this happen. But wait a minute, our Merida Initiative money is supposed to be taking care of this, kinda seems like a lost cause to me. kinda scary on the machine guns not found, but im sure the paid off guards will find them. FAILED STATE, FAILED STATE is what at least Juares is turning into, Mexico soon to follow.

Of course they had a party..Their prisons are a joke..The guns, check the sewer...

Whats underage for mexico? There are no child labor laws so what would makes these girls udnerage to be in that environment? I know it sounds bad but seriously thats what mexico allows to happen. I'm just saying the truth. The legalized adultry.

Seriously when are the people going to realize their goverment is allowing this and many other things to happen.

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