Chihuahua Left For Dead In Horizon


POSTED: Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 2:10pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 30, 2011 - 4:13pm

WARNING: Some people may find the images in the story disturbing.

HORIZON - Tires and trash aren't the only things some people will dump near the Horizon desert. On Tuesday, someone left their pet Chihuahua to die.

Two women found him right before Jennifer Calderon went to check her mail and saw them helping the dog.

"He was on a towel, and he was having convulsions. I asked the two women if they knew whose dog it was, and they said they didn't know. They said they had seen somebody dump him," Calderon said.

The dog's owner couldn't be tracked down, because the women didn't get a license plate or a description of the car. So, Calderon called El Paso Animal Services, and she spoke with a women who answered the phone.

"She said that the El Paso Animal Control had no jurisdiction up here, and that she would contact the Sheriff's Department that handles the area. They never came," Calderon said.

Hours passed and despite the women trying to give the dog water from a bottle, he died. No one from animal control showed up.

"It was really heartbreaking, really, really, heartbreaking because as I mentioned before, maybe they couldn't have helped him, but they could have just relieved his pain," Calderon said

A day later the dogs body was still there. Someone moved him closer to the desert, but no one from animal control picked him up.

"It's not the first time this has happened. There's been other instances where dogs are decomposing out here because nobody wants to come pick them up," Calderon said

Calderon's husband buried the Chihuahua in the desert. It was the least they could do for the little guy who was thrown out like an old tire on the side of the road.

We asked the Sheriff's Office why no one ever went to help the dog. A spokesperson says they tried, but by the time an animal control officer responded it was too late. The dog was dead, and they say the responsibility of removing the body was passed on to another county department. As you know now, by then neighbors took responsibility into their own hands and buried him.

*WARNING: Some people may find the images in the story disturbing.

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I think that people who hurt animals should get shot.

People in the Montana Vista community have been facing the problem of owners abandoning pets - including some dogs with puppies - for many years now. The only way this might change is if a mass media center like KTSM Chnl 9 voluntarily decides to make public service announcements that can discourage this and/or other "bad" behaviors of EP residents. In other words educate and frequently remind people of problems like this so we can all make this a greater city to live in.

Poor puppy. People can be so heartless.

The city needs to step up the animal control. They just have to step it up as far as the whole city is concerned. I have noticed a big decline in the cleanliness of the city. More trash than I have ever seen.

I live near Montana in the EastSide, on the Zaragosa side. There is a big problem with dead animals on the road. The animal control doesnt pick them up for days and sometimes they just leave them there to completely decompose. You can still see their fur stuck to the street. It is disgusting. Also, there is a big problem with stray animals. There is always feces in the front yards. When I walk my son to school we have to be careful not to step on feces in the middle of the side walk.

It's an unfortunate situation and it's not the El Paso Animal Control, nor the Sheriff Office' fault either. The real blame belongs to that heartless bastard who dumped the helpless animal. Idiots like that will get their due in the end. Don't forget to spay or neuter your pets!

I hope people like this, with no heart, no respect for life, and obviously no conscience, die a painful, agonizing death...just like this poor little soul did. I am seriously gonna lose sleep over this tonight :(

the illegal dumping in el paso is going on everyday, the city needs to come up with something else other than the two old ladies saying report illegal dumping then they give us an 1800 number, no all this is wrong we need to catch up with the other cities, as far as reporting illegal dumping and reporting drunk drivers and we need to do it to a four digit number, we dont always remember the police or the sheriffs non emergency number, come on el paso wake up

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