Chavez Lawyer Speaks Out

Chavez Lawyer Speaks Out

POSTED: Monday, September 13, 2010 - 11:15am

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 11:13pm

DOWNTOWN EL PASO- Stuart Leeds, a lawyer who represented David Chavez before his death, stopped by our studios just a few minutes ago to discuss the former Ethics Commission Chairman's apparent suicide.

He told NewsChannel 9's Matt Rivers he believes Chavez took his own life because it all "just became too much."

To hear the full interview with Stuart Leeds, watch NewsChannel 9 tonight at 5, 6, and 10.

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Listen to all u people who judge your not God and in the state of texas your innocent till proven guilty!!! I knew and know Dave and there are liars cheaters and deceivers im pretty sure most of u who are saying burn in hell should burn in hell to sorry but your not one to judge and who knows there is a strong chance this accusing is all false its happened before innocent people get convicted everyday how dare u!!! we will miss u Dave!! R.I.P. and i pray the Lord will save us all!

No pity for you, kinda sorry you snuffed yourself out before the truth was exposed, but kinda seems you were the bad guy. may you burn in hell and get violated on a regular basis, as well as your attorney.

You know some of you people got some nerve. You should respect him in his death and his family. David Chavez was my cousin, he never got his day in court and now you're convicting him. He has meet with the Lord now and he will decide his fate. None of you are entitled to judge him so keep your comments to yourselves R.I.P primo "OOGIE" We will all miss you.

Some people forget that there was a 9 year old girl who had this man walk into her room countless times to break the trust she had in him. My daughter lived through his abuse for over 5yrs and now is caring his child. Because she feels it's the "Right" thing to do. This man was not slandered, he was "caught"! We now know she was not the only one. His month of rejection will never match the years of mental and sexual abuse my daughter had to live through and will continue to live through.

"Mister" Chavez was a coward who realized that he could no longer keep secret the fact that he was a sexual predator. It's a shame that people continue to bury their heads in the sand refusing to believe that such heinus acts can be committed by anyone regarding of their perceived social standing. Such charges would not have been filed had there not been a "proper investigation". R.I.H. "Mister" Chavez. I don't know how Mr. Leeds can even sleep at night having defended this criminal.

Mr. Chavez was indeed "slandered" to death. My sadness grows with each day that countless citizens are "convicted" by the El Paso Times and like media outlets on the day, in the moment that a slanted, biased and damaging article is written against them, without proper investigation. R.I.P Mr. Chavez. Keep up the good fight Mr. Leeds.

I'm curious to know how you think Mr. Chavez was slandered to death? What part of the EL Paso Times report convicted him? What media outlets are you referring to that slant and report biased and damaging articles without proper investigation of countless citizens? Maybe Mr. Leeds would welcome your participation in Mr. Chavez defense?

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