Chavez Lawyer Confirms Suicide, Speaks Out


POSTED: Monday, September 13, 2010 - 2:34pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 7:38pm

EL PASO- Suspicions are confirmed tonight.  Former County Ethics Commission Chairman David Chavez is dead after committing suicide over the weekend.

"So I said, well I better get over there, maybe I could talk him out of it if that's what he was doing.  Of course when I got there, it was too late and the police confirmed he had expired," Chavez's lawyer Stuart Leeds described, as he recapped his reaction to hearing word of police at Chavez's home on Sunday.

It all happened in a month.  David Chavez, charged with sexual assault in August, took his life in September. Police found the former Ethics Chairman dead on his back porch Sunday. 

He was the victim of one shot by his own hand.  Stuart Leeds was his attorney.  The two spoke last Thursday, where Leeds advised his client to wait for an indictment before they took the next step.

"Once all that happened, we would sit down and analyze the evidence and decide where to go from there.  Thursday night he seemed fine."

Perhaps fine outwardly, but Sunday's event says otherwise.  A pending divorce from his wife was one of many instances where people once close to Chavez shied away.

Leeds thinks that and a hostile public perception drove his client over the edge.

"I think you know sometimes in cases like this the public assumes someone is guilty just because they've been know, with an accusation like the one made against Mr. Chavez, people start turning away from him and turning their backs on him and assuming he's guilty and saying things and I guess it was just too much."

Police have not told us if their investigation will end with Chavez's death.  The part he will play in it, however, is over.

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This guy should have been a priest in the catholic church, perhaps then he could have been protected, sent away to no no land and washed over. But then he could have ended up in a hard core prison with Big Bubba and Billy Bob as cell mates. No respect or sympathy for these animals or their lawyers.

bollocks. he wouldn't have killed himself if he had nothing to hide. he had to off himself so as not to face the humiliation of going on trial for child rape. instead of the ethics board, he should've been a priest. then he would've gotten away with it...

It would only take a dna test to prove the child is his. Apparently, his wife believed the accusations to be true. If they are true, I'm glad he saved the taxpayers the long drawn out process and costs of a trial. If not, shame on us all.

A Hostile Public Perception, give me a break, no wonder lawyers are the lowest of the bottom feeders. They would sell their own mother down the river for the right price. If Leeds is so sure of his client, lets let the victim testify or go on record, not to overlook his sisters and brothers, whom child he violated.

I don't believe the investigation should end with his death. Just because this man took his life does not mean that he was guilty. A charge of sexual assault can be very damaging, both mentally and physically, to a person even if they are not guilty. This case should be brought to a close after a complete investigation of the facts.

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