Charles Marquez Trial: Women recount violence, fear associated with forced prostitution


POSTED: Friday, November 15, 2013 - 7:34pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 15, 2013 - 8:03pm

More of Charles Marquez's former employees testified in his trial Friday.  Many of the women recounted painful and often emotional memories of how they were forced into prostitution, and said they didn't know what their job entailed until they were forced into sexual acts by their clients.

A woman who worked for Charles Marquez for a period of three to four months became tearful on the stand as she described her third day at work.  She said one of Marquez's clients attacked her, threw her on the bed of a hotel room and forced himself on top of her.

"He grabbed my hands and said he was from the police," she said

The woman said she was paid $100 a day, no matter how many clients she saw, which she said was typically five or six a day. The woman appeared tormented as she described one of Marquez's "best clients," who was also one of his most aggressive.

"He would grab our hands. He would get on top of us. He didn't want us to use lubricant. He was very, very rough," she said.

The woman said that client would return nearly every day, sometimes twice a day.

The witness testimony was similar to others in the week.  The woman would call the number in the newspaper ad under the impression that the job was as a model or masseuse.  Marquez would use the pseudonym "Pablo" or "Henry" when he would answer the calls, then would ask the women to meet him in the parking lot of the same fast food restaurant in Central El Paso.  After the first meeting, he would arrange a second meeting at a hotel in East El Paso where they would meet the other women. 

Another witness during the week said the other women hid in the closet of the hotel room on the night she saw her first client.  She presumed it was Marquez's way of ensuring that she followed through on sexual acts that he had promised the client. 

Friday's witness said all of the women feared Marquez's threats. 

"He told all of us to behave ourselves and do what the clients wanted, otherwise he was not going to be a good person," she said.

She said he would threaten them by giving examples of how he had arranged to have some of the girls beaten if they stole clients from him, or burned their cars.

The woman said Marquez also told the women he had family members that worked for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and told them if they called police, they would be deported or thrown in jail.

More than a dozen witnesses testified in the first week of the trial.  It resumes Monday.




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