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Chapin Parent Speaks Only To NewsChannel 9

POSTED: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 - 7:50pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 3:22pm

A parent is speaking out over the "tainted brownies" scandal at Chapin High School.

Not wanting to reveal her identity, this mother says her daughter and two other Chapin High School dance team members were wrongly accused.

It was first reported, the lab results on the alleged tainted brownies "contained no inappropriate substances."

Last month, the three students accused of spiking the brownies were disciplined before the testing was conducted.

El Paso Independent School District originally put out statement saying the girls admitted to baking laxatives in to the brownies intended for the Andress High School dance team. As a result, the three students were suspended and then put in an alternative placement on campus.

Parents of the three Chapin Dance team members say their children were wrongly accused and now the students' reputations are suffering.

"She's no longer on the dance team, she's not the same person anymore, so it caused a lot of damage," one Parent said."These were all accusations, none of it was true, and the proof is there."

EPISD issued statement saying:

"The EPISD took the brownie incident at Chapin High School very
seriously and thoroughly investigated the incident. We understand that
this has been an emotional issue for everyone and we're thankful that
test results came back negative and that there was no physical harm to
any student.

We used the Student Code of Conduct to discipline the students and the
students have completed their disciplinary action. We consider this
matter closed and the students have returned to regular classes and may
participate in extracurricular activities if they choose. Our efforts
will be focused on bringing parents and students together to create a
positive learning community.

EPISD respects the privacy of the students and parents, therefore,
administration will not comment on specific details."
-EPISD Administration

Even though it may be closed on EPISD's side, parents of the Chapin dancers say this case is far from over. One parent told Newschannel 9 she is seeking legal counsel for defamation of character.

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