Central bus riders upset over Five Points bus terminal renovation

Central bus riders upset over Five Points bus terminal renovation

POSTED: Friday, June 28, 2013 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 28, 2013 - 5:45pm

What Sun Metro hopes will be a smooth project is being halted as a big headache for some bus riders. The bus company will be renovating the Five Points bus terminal soon but that means lots of changes people say they're not ready for.

The renovation will begin next Sunday and some bus riders say not only did they not receive much notice, they feel renovating this busy terminal during the summer is not the right time.

Sun Metro's five points bus terminal will completely shut down on July 7th in order to prepare for a more than one million dollar renovation. "There's going to be inconvenience with any kind of construction,” Laura Cruz-Acosta the spokeswoman for Sun Metro explained. But closing down the terminal is more than just an inconvenience for some bus riders.

"I just think the Sun Metro didn't really think it through when they were gonna [sic] remodel this bus terminal,” John Riley, a Central Pasoan explained.
"They didn't give enough notice now I gotta [sic] walk a lot more,” Angel Sustaita, another Central El Pasoan and bus rider said. Angel Sustaita depends on the buses to get around town he also says he's disabled.

"They have that new bus stop and everything else outside. It's gonna [sic] be terrible,” Sustaita exclaimed. What's more, some riders feel the canopy over the temporary stop is not sufficient enough to cool people down in the heat of the El Paso sun. "They're doing it over the summer where during the summer, it's 95, 100 degrees almost every day. There's no AC where they're moving everybody to,” Riley said.

Sun Metro says the Summer renovation is inconvenient but is necessary. "We have the funding now and we don't want to wait on the funding and risk losing the funds in order to do this kind of change,” Acosta-Cruz said.

They also say, they’re doing their best to move construction along. "Even though the construction is scheduled to be completed by... early 2014, our hope is that we can bring folks in sooner,” Acosta-Cruz explained.

The temporary bus stop is located right across the street from Five Points on Raynor and Tularosa. Sun Metro says they will post construction updates on their website here: www.sunmetro.net/brio

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