Census Underscores Hispanic Growth


POSTED: Friday, March 25, 2011 - 8:49am

UPDATED: Sunday, March 27, 2011 - 2:12pm

The Hispanic population in the United States has surpassed the fifty million mark, according to the new census.

The impact of this growth is being felt everywhere.

The Murvartian family moved from Mexico to Atlanta, looking for a better life. They are part of the reason why Hispanics now make up one in six Americans.

"We love Atlanta. We feel like have more opportunity and more jobs."

The U.S. Census Bureau says the Hispanic population now accounts for more than half of the total growth in the U.S. population.

"People of Hispanic origin now clearly make up second largest group in the country."

Nationwide, Hispanic growth is most dramatic in the south. More than double in Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee and nearly double in Georgia and Virginia.

Asians also grew by double digits but still make up less than five percent of the population.

"The majority of the growth occurred in the the south and west. One quarter of the people in the country now live in California, Texas and New York."

There are signs of Hispanic influence everywhere.

On Telemundo, the soap opera "La Reina Del Sur" debuted only three weeks ago and beats its English language network competitors in prime time.

New strength in numbers that show an increasingly diverse nation.

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The US 2010 census projection of our population stating it has grown from 282 million in 2000 to 309 million in 2010, a net increase of 27 million residents in a decade. The Pew Research Center study has calculated the total to the U.S. population of 438 million by 2050. That's if there are no policy changes, an increase of 129 million over the 2010 population, which means more oil, energy and water sources.Not to mention the lose of farmland for homes.

We must organize with everybody who have the same opinions as the TEA PARTY on halting illegal immigration. We just cannot afford to support the world anymore; how can we support the poor of other countries, when we don't aid our own below the bread line? The only people who will gain advantage from out-of-control illegal immigrant occupation, is business of every type. Millions more customers bring enormous profits and wealth to the owners, who the majority don't live in congested neighborhoods

That fact is we could accomplishes huge savings if illegal aliens and instant citizenship offspring were cut-off from all welfare benefits and States such as the Sanctuary State of California, would not be crippled by a 26 billion dollar deficit, partially caused by education, health care and the overcrowded jail and prisons from the settlement of illegal foreigners. Our cities infrastructure are crumbling, including highways, bridges, tunnels, with the constant effect of overcrowding.

Consider a future if we don't seal our borders, stop tourist visa over- stayers, enforce immigration laws by using ATTRITION as the main deterrent. Make our politicians enact E-Verify as a permanent law to reduce the illegal influx of foreigners. Mandate the use of Secure Communities for every police force throughout America, backed by the federal 287 (g) policies to fingerprint and identify every individual in (ICE) databases, so that all criminals can be handed over to the Immigration and Cu

Attention: General Electric paid no taxes whatsoever last fiscal year. The Tax code needs to be reinvented, so everybody pays their fair share. In the last election the State Attorney Generals of New Mexico, New York, Texas and New Jersey stated illegal aliens voted in the prior election. My opinion is these people are compromising the vote in California and Nevada as well, because of the massive populations of foreign nationals.

I am a mexican american child that thinks hispanics should be welcome everywhere. What the world needs is to feel the warmth of our culture and for others to stop looking at only bad thing happening.All hispanics want is a better future& I think thats what everyone wants.for those who say that illegal immigrants should be deported all i want to say is i don't think anyone would do the job illegals do so just let them work and achieve their dreams.

The old "the illegals do jobs you wont do" is getting old and as times get tough you will be amazed how many americans will do those jobs now if it means they get to keep a roof over their family.

Also, instead of saying "we just want a better future" so you are admitting mexico is corrupt and needs to be reformed. Thats the whole reason all illegall immigrants come here because their home country is failing them.

No medical, minimum wage, child labor laws to name a few

All illegals with no papers and fake ids to work

I am Apolitical. In 20 years English will not be spoken in the United States of Mexico.
We are watching the decline of the USA, it's being over run by Mexicans and others because politicians are afraid to offend anyone. Politicians must be politically correct at all times regardless of what that does to our nation. It is time to stand up Americans, take back our country. It must start from grass-root movements. We can no longer trust our government on immigration matters.

Its exactly why you can't call any 800# without hearing "habla espanol numero dose"

i am a 4th generation American of Irish & Italian decent. my ancestors came here from Ireland % Italy in 1820s through Ellis Island LEGALLY> they had a certain amount of time to learn english and attain citizenship or be deported back to europe. they worked hard and paid taxes. 50 million Hispanics? how many are there with the illegalls who pay nothing and send their money back to "ju know in my country" sorry but these people are bleeding us dry and border MUST BE ENFORCED...

Look up the history of Italians and Irish immigrants, and how welcome they were back then in the USA. They were the Mexicans of 18th and 19th centuries. Coincidentally, all with flags with the same colors green, white, and red. There was hostility and scapegoating for anything that you can imagine towards the Italians and the Irish. They were treated even worse than Mexicans. The majority of Mexicans and other Latinos come here to prosper and in search of work to keep the economy engine running

The worst feeling in life is when you suddenly discover you have been betrayed by someone you trust. The U.S. government's immigration policies have been an invitation to invade the USA in exchange for votes. We will live to regret the betrayals of this government within 20 years.

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