Caught on Camera: Man Threatening to Jump From I-10 Overpass


POSTED: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 11:50pm

EL PASO - Police shut down the freeway in East El Paso after a man threatened to jump from an overpass.

Police say a 54-year-old man called 911 just after 4a.m. Wednesday and threatened to run into traffic. When officers arrived the man was sitting on the overpass.  

Officers shut down 1-10 West at Lomaland while emergency responders tried to convince the man to come down.

When the man tried to walk away, officers tackled him and took him into custody.

No one was hurt.

The man was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

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AND...The coments about us needing our officers to be well trained... If that officer was notwell trained or in an unfit condition then this story would have not had the success it did!! Did the man wanting to kill himself get rescued?? YES!! So how are you going to ignorantly sit there and discuss his physical training??? These brave men in blue are out there protecting your neighborhood and risking their lives daily so you can get a good night sleep! U SHOULD BE PROUD OF THE FEW WHO PROTECT U!

If it wasnt for that brave officer we would have another man dead and weather he wanted to kill himself or not that officer did not think twice of what could of happened to him and stood there, tried to convience him not to jump and also risked from being on the edge of the bridge and falling off to save a man's life that didnt even want his own. And you still have ignorant El Paso people commenting on how the officer handled it??? Did he have time to practice this heroic act?? I DONT THINK SO!!

Oh my God, where is your compassion? This man called for help and this is how you respond. Come on man! 7 Officers to take down 1 man? Even the officer who took him down needs to loose some weight. The man had no weapon, if he did...why jump. he was asking for help. Not to be gang tackeled. cops: oh boy, we got a jumper, put down the buritto. In this time of the world try a little love not judgement. I bet you think Casey Anthony is guilty. You were there right? You saw it right? Dateline right?

Our tax dollars at work. This could have been dealt with much quicker.

REALLY!!!! Remind yourself of this when something happens in your life where you would need any assistance from our boys in blue and hopefully they will give you adequate attention and not the RUSH job that you think needed to be done here!

Wow.I'm glad "are" police were able to talk this guy down. Great job by the officer.

It was very obvious that the officer was trying to avoid physical harm...donuts or not...EPPD did their job last night and saved that man and the community from a messy outcome. Job well done boys in blue! The EL Paso coomunity thanks you for all that you do and we apologize for ignorant members as that above who thought that a life and death situation was "funny" because you all had the mans safety at heart. Again, we thank you and your family's for allowing us to sleep safe at night!

Good job officers!! You saved a life!!! I'm sure his family is very appreciative of what you did!!!

I dont know about this one, the freeway is already pretty messy with garbage on both sides of the interstate, but now to add human body parts? No not a good idea, plant Palm trees instead.

How funny the officer couldn’t tackle the guy down. I think are Police Department needs to cut down on the donuts. It was good no one got hurt but I still think are Police Department needs to get better training.

If he did then people like you would be crying about Police brutality...typical El Paso trash never satisfied

shut up moron when someone has so much adrenaline its hard to bring anyone shut your mouth

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