Cathedral High School Forced to Change Mascot


POSTED: Friday, March 4, 2011 - 8:26pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 5:47pm

EL PASO- The Fighting Irish mascot of Notre Dame is among the most recognizable in the country.  A local high school has the same mascot, but Notre Dame is in no mood to share.

Cathedral High School has been known for 85 years as the Fighting Irish, sporting the same feisty leprechaun as the University of Notre Dame.

But now Cathedral has to change it, after the University told them they were violating copyright laws.

"I mean, it's like a David versus Goliath type of thing where it's Goliath just bullying David in a way," said one student.

So it's safe to say at least one student doesn't like the change.  The leprechaun everybody knows can't be Cathedral High School's mascot anymore.

The powers that be at Notre Dame University own the rights to the Fighting Irish logo and told Cathedral High last year they had to remove it.

"We were given a very generous amount of time to sort of get rid of whatever merchandise or athletic gear that already had the logo on it," Cathedral Principal Brother Nick Gonzalez told us.

Dozens of schools nationwide use the Fighting Irish logo as well, to which the University said in a written statement:

"Notre Dame does not actively seek out such schools, but when a school's use of our trademarked symbols comes to our attention, we do notify it and ask administrators there to find alternatives."

U.S. copyright laws say the logo has to be changed.  So it's out with the old and in with something else.

"We might even take a look at the idea of designing something very uniquely Southwest.  We'll take a look, we've got time," says Principal Gonzalez.

Notre Dame gave Cathedral five years to phase out the leprechaun, before they get as riled up as the famous mascot.

Another possibility for Cathedral would be to drop the fighting in it's name, sticking just with the Irish, and altering the image of the leprechaun to something quite different than Notre Dame's.

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Just change the Irish guy's hair color to red, or put brass knuckles on his hands. There. Problem solved. Notre Dame isn't all that like they think they are. They need to get off their high horse.

Why the heck does Notre Dame care so much if a local high school has the same mascot. By all means how many schools share similar mascots like Trojans, Spartans eagles etc. Cathedral should not allow Notre dame to bully them, after all they shared the same mascot for almost 85yrs.

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