Cat rescued from atop power pole

Cat rescued from atop power pole
Monday, March 17, 2014 - 6:03pm

It took a coordinated effort Monday afternoon to rescue a cat named Athena after being stuck atop an electric pole for about four days.

The year-old cat drew a lot of attention on social media prompting Dona Ana County Animal Control, the Dona Ana County Fire Department and El Paso Electric to work together and bring Athena down from the 40-foot electric pole.

"There was just like a big sigh of relief as she grabbed her and brought her down," said Zach Eason.

Eason said his family heard a lot of noise late Friday night when they believe coyotes scared the cat up the pole.

The family didn't think too much of it, but in the morning Athena was stuck 40 feet on a pole carrying 13,800 volts of electricity.

The family then spent the next four days watching her sit atop the pole.

Monday afternoon El Paso Electric cut power to the area and suited up Animal Control Lieutenant Mary Lou Ward who would rescue the cat.

As ward climbed closer, Athena began nervously moving around and at one point she started climbing up to the wire.

"I was more worried that the cat was going to jump the closer I got," Ward said.

Ward was eventually able to grab Athena and brought her down to safety where she was treated for dehydration but was in overall good health.

The Eason family said they're extremely thankful for all the help they received during the whole ordeal.

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