Canutillo Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Student


POSTED: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 4:25pm

UPDATED: Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 3:05pm

A fourth grade Canutillo teacher is no longer in his classroom.

Jose Gregory Juarez is on administrative leave after being accused of injuring a child.

A parent says Juarez pulled her daughter through the classroom by the leg.

We went to his house but, he didn't answer the door.

Parents like Pedro Torres say they can't believe this happened at Canutillo Elementary School.

"Nothing bad has ever happened here. I always felt good about this school. But now, we should take more precautions," Torres said.

Maria Jurado moved to the U.S. from Juarez so that her children wouldn't have to be around violence. Now, she says she's scared for them to come back to school.

"It scares me that someone could hurt my kids or that they'll hit one of my children. I have a child that is eight years-old and he could have had that man as his teacher next year. No one has informed us of what happened," Jurado said.

Parents are upset and hope some action is taken against Juarez.

"They should punish him because there are little kids here where he teaches. The ones who suffer the most are the parents because they hurt our kids and grandchildren," Torres said.

Canutillo Independent School District officials say he has been with the district for three years and will be looking at all their options regarding his employment.

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This guy looks like a convict, does not matter what the child did, there is no need for anyone to lay a finger on the child. PROSECUTE HIM!!!

Before you all crucify this poor man, wait for the investigation.I have seen this teacher first hand in a classroom with students of varying levels and needs and he has always proven to be kind and gentle and having their best interest at heart. He would come early and stay late to work towards their emotional and academic success. This situation is absolutely heart breaking and I hope that the truth comes out and that this student who is clearly disturbed gets the help she needs.

So let me see if I understand Mr. Torres correctly.....the kids are the ones allegedly being hurt, but it's the PARENTS that suffer the most????!!!!

I think Mr. Torres is being a bit selfish here. Perhaps the kid that has allegedly been victimized is the one that suffered the most.

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