Canutillo ISD Sends Anti-Bullying Message

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 5:44pm

Canutillo schools are celebrating and at the same time observing a very serious topic: bullying in our local schools.

Canutillo Independent School District is the only school district in West Texas that is a certified no place for hate which means every single student has signed a pledge to respect one another.

If you're the only district around to sign a pledge against hate, you might get a few privileges, like taking time away from class to dance, sing and perform for your classmates.

"It's important to link our classroom activities and our extracurricular activities to this message of anti-bullying, so that's why we have so many kids enjoying and participating in this performance,"

Its the second year that Canutillo ISD is sending it's message to stop bullying.

"It's important cus it's no place for hate. We shouldn't be hating, we shouldn't bully. Like I remember in the beginning of the year I was walking through the halls and they're like move shorty, but then now it's like nothing," said Martin Cortez, a student at CMS.

And if they do get bullied?

" Best thing to do is go tell the teacher, tell somebody near close before the situation gets bigger,” said Nate Suarez, a student at Canutillo Middle School. He says he has a friend who deals with bullying at another school.

" He told me he had thoughts of suicide, but medication helped him and so on and so forth, we keep talking him out of that and well he's been doing fine,” said Suarez.

Adriana Delgadillo sent her daughter to CMS, now in high school, she came back to perform in today's show. She says part of the anti-bullying message should be taught at home..

“They need to respect their students and their friends and they need to treat them like they want to be treated," said Delgadillo.

Treat others how you want to be treated. It is the golden rule that students in CISD pledge to live by.

ADT is hosting an anti-bullying rally for kids ages 13+.
When: Saturday April 14th
Where: Chamizal National Memorial
Free of Charge. Go here to sign up.

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