Canutillo Elementary Collects Thanksgiving Food for Needy


POSTED: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 7:51am

UPDATED: Sunday, November 28, 2010 - 4:05pm

Canutillo Elementary School is getting into the spirit of the holidays.

Students and staff gave away food baskets for the needy yesterday.

It is part of an annual project called "Operation Blessing."

The food comes from a variety of sources, but mainly it comes from donations.

The school gave away a total of 60 food baskets.

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This is all just a bunch of B.S. if you are truly needy then you can apply for food stamps.Most of these people that receive the aid are ILLEGALS THAT CANT APPLY FOR STATE ASSISTANCE.

some ppl don't qualify for foodstamps not because they are eligal but because our wonderful govmt tells us that if you own a car you don't need the assistance. I hope that you never need assistance and get told by the our gvmt that sorry you don't quailfy but the lazy ppl who have never worked and keep having kids for us to raise get 800 a month. May you always be blessed with food on your table an a roof over you head.

Government assistance does not depend on the type of car you have.Just on income and family size.Your comment is ill informed.If you truly don't have may apply for emergency aid.Anyone who makes under 15000 a year qualify for the assistance.Perhaps you can spread this message to the ill informed people of your community.

and just know i don't get foodstamps and did not pick up a box of food.

Clearly you don't.Just on your comment I know you have no clue as to the criteria a person has to meet.The type of car? No Mames.

I hate to sound like a scrooge but have you noticed that everybody is doing food drives to help the needy, when if you are really needy you qualify for food stamps.its just a thought.

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