Can't Take the Heat


POSTED: Friday, August 13, 2010 - 7:34pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 13, 2010 - 9:29pm

Ninety degrees - that's the temperature inside Mario Villafuerte's place at Munoz Apartments on the northeast side.

"I've had it for 16 years, its already conked out," Villafuerte said. "As you felt it, it's blowing hot air."

That's not an overstatement. Step inside, and it feels like an inferno. Fearing it was making his health worse, he went to the doctor.

"I told her about the air conditioner and she wrote me a letter," Villafuerte said. "She told them to put refrigerated air."

Villafuerte has epilepsy and takes 16 pills a day. He said the hot air has been causing him to get sick more often. But he said the complex manager lost the doctor's note.

"I told her, aren't you supposed to put that in my file?" he said he asked the complex manager. He says she said she didn't remember where she put the letter.

During the night, he leaves the door open - something that's not too safe considering the light outside his place is also broken. During the day, he goes to his neighbor's apartment.

"I go across over there or I go to the office, they have nice cool air," he said.

He says several AC units near his apartment have been replaced. Now Villafuerte says it's his turn.

"I'm burning up in here," he added.

The manager of the complex didn't want to go on camera but told us Villafuerte is in line to get a new unit on Monday. But it will be a swamp cooler, not refrigerated air, as his doctor recommends. We'll let you know if that happens.

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Dang that manager put the poor man a refrigerated air and you know that is not what the doctor told him! if you your self are saying that youdon't know where the doctors note is so how do you know? COME ON NEWS PLEASE CHECK THIS ONE OUT VERY GOOD! the manager i think is lieing put a new manager in there???

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