Candidate demands recount

Candidate demands recount
Monday, June 17, 2013 - 8:37pm

Two days after the runoff election results came in, one race is being contested. The challenger, Sam Morgan is asking for a recount after the votes for each candidate differ by only 22 votes.

Incumbant Carl Robinson got 2,909 votes, while Sam Morgan ended up with 2,887 votes. That close margin left Morgan wanting another count of the ballots.

He said he owes it to himself and the voters to make sure the vote is right. Morgan cites some of the problems voters had with during the voting process as another reason for a recount.

"With a race this close, I think it's imperative that I exercise due diligence as a leader and make sure that the numbers that were reported are the numbers that are actually out there," Morgan said.

"If there should be a change as far as the recount is concerned, life goes on," Robinson said. "I'm prepared one way or the other and will accept the inevitable".

Incumbant Carl Robinson said despite the recount, he's already making plans and carrying on with his duties as city representative.

Both men tell Local 4 News, the recount costs $2,100.

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