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Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer Survivors Day
Monday, June 6, 2011 - 8:34am

EL PASO - Plant a tree and you can inspire some hope in others; that's what folks at Candlelighters of El Paso believe in.

Today the non-profit organization, Cancer Survivors, patients and their families gathered at Ascarate Park. That's where they planted trees that symbolize their harrowing journey with cancer.

"The whole meaning of the tree is to give life to earth and to also continue life. so that's symbolism of our children to bring them hope and also that they're celebrating their life everyday and as a symbol to continue fighting the battle of cancer for them," said Candlelighter Guadalupe Ortiz.

"When you're like surrounded by other people that have some situation as you, you get experience in life because you see other things and other different problems that you have to pass through and you learn how other people suffer through life," said cancer survivor Jose Acosta.

Survivors and their families also sold their own art at the park today.

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