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Can Border Patrol Shoot Into Mexico?


POSTED: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 8:20pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 14, 2010 - 6:27pm

It's been reported that Border Patrol agents don't have the right to shoot into Mexico.

Tonight we've learned that's not true. Border Patrol says there is no such policy that says agents can't shoot into Mexico.

However agents are trained to use great discretion when doing so. Representatives also said agents have the right to protect themselves, fellow agents, and the public if threatened.


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the bp agent went to far in shooting the teenager in the head, he could of shot somewhere else besides the head. yeah, the kid threw rocks, but the agent had a vest and helmet to protect him. oh yeah! and where was the bp's partner??

If you have gone to Juarez lately, you will know why I say what I am about to say. If you haven't been there for a while, why dont you take time out of your busy schedule to take a drive over there.. when you come back (if you come back alive) tell me again that this bp agent used "excessive force"!It is no coincidence we live in one of the safest cities in the WORLD even when we are on the other side of the border from most dangerous city in the world!

There is video of the incident and I'm truly disgusted by the excessive force the border patrol agent used, I hope to God justice is served this time.

If the Law can prove that the Agent was wrong then he should pay. But, if the law says that the Agent was defending himself at the time then the law has done his job.

Whatever you and I think we can talk about until the end of time.

Justice was served, end of story. It is unfortunate but his age has nothing to do with it. They assulted the agent and responede accordingly. Kids younger than him have been convicted murderers all over the world. You would do the same if placed in his shoes or it would your family in mouring.

He was a criminal, commiting several serious felonies (ASSAULT ON A FEDRAL AGENT/ HUMAN TRAFFICING/ILLEGAL REENTRY ect...). Not to mention his legthy criminal record at the federal level. WHich of th 15 year olds do you know has a federal criminal record??? This was not a beer run or shoplifting. He was trying to hurt an agent.

si se puede...disparar a MX

There are a lot of assumptions here that the kid was in Mexico when shot. How about waiting to learn the facts before lynching the agents?


Agents are not trained to shoot to wound, they are trained to stop the action of the person.

No police department that I know of in the US train to shoot to wound. Sad thing for this to happen on both sides, the lose of a human being and the Agent has to live with it for the rest of his life.

You sound like a guy ready to just shoot anything walking by. Right?

I think it is a bad idea to say that we have the right to shoot into the Mexican side. With what just happend here in El Paso and what happend in California. Narcos are giving large amounts of money to any hitman that shoots a Border Patrol agent and if you did not know Juarez is full of sicarios and so is El Paso. Border Patrol agents already have a hard job to do and with these incidents that are happening. There job is just going to become more dangerous. So think before you speak.

I believe that the Border Patrol agent could've handled things in a different way. Since there was other border patrol agents behind him and the kids were un armed. Even though you think it is not a normal practice for American youth to be hanging around in restricted areas in Mexico. It is a normal practice for under age American kids to go to Mexico and purchase drugs, consume alcohol and do things that normaly can not be done here in America and there parents dont know that their going.

Well, since you made a statement as to Border Patrol could have done something different then speak up. It is hard to say this or that should have been done, when you have rocks coming at you there is really not much time to act.

If you would look up the Rodney King incidents where blacks were throwing rocks and pieces of brick at a white truck driver. Look at the pictures and look at the face of the man. Rocks can do a lot of damage.

As a former kid who used to go to Juarez to purchase alcohol I can not diagree with DaFonze more, becuase when I used to cross to border to do my shinanigans I NEVER TRIED TO PELT AN ARMED POLICEMAN WITH A ROCK!!!!! That kind of stupidity could GET YOU SHOT! Especially in Juarez where they like to shoot people on a daily basis.

You got that right I too went over many times but, I knew that if I was to act stupid or cause a problem that I would have to answer to the Juarez police and they don't play games.

can rocks be thrown into el paso, and at border patrol agents?

It's amazing that you are comparing throwing rocks at somebody and shooting bullets at somebody. There's not a comparison whatsoever. I don't think the agent felt his life was in danger at any point. That kid was running away from him, if what he wanted was to scare the kid away he should've fired a shot to the air not to the head of a 14 year old kid. If a mexican national were to shoot an american national in the same scenario, there would be hell to pay....

The juvenile was not running away, the was throwing rocks at the PB. In the video you can see him throwing a rock just before he gets hit. The rock was used as a deadly weapon with malicious intent to cause severe injury and even death. The BP was struggling with another individual that he had apprehended and there was no backup at the time, so he defended himself the best he could. So yes throwing rocks and shooting is the same, both are considered deadly weapons.

Well I don't see anything happening on all these us citizens being killed by the drug cartels, it has been happening already and the mexican goverment has done nothing about it and these people broke no laws and here is this kid assulting the BP and breaking other US laws and gets shot in the process and they are upset, get over it.

Wow, sounds like you were on scene when this happened. The agents were reportedly making a lawful arrest and the teen and friends were attempting to stop it by throwing rocks at the agents. The agents have no duty to retreat from a threat, and a rock is a deadly weapon. If you don't believe so, let me hit you in the head with one. Warning shots are prohibited (I taught at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and retired from federal law enforcement), the bullet has to land somewhere.

Well, at least there is some else other than me that knows what sort of training they get.

Let me throw some rocks at you and then you can comment on if it is dangerous or not. This Officer of the Law was not only protecting himself, but his prisoner as well.

I agree. When an Officer of the law has someone in custody, they are then bound to protect to the suspect as well. It was evident in the video that the officer directed the suspect to the ground for their protection and avoid getting hit by the rocks.

Thank you sir, its the way it is, and the border patrol failed to show some sort of control, and lost it were it cost a life. It should have been handle differntly, and I agree with you, a simple shot in the air would have scare them off; and save all this scandel we don't need with all going on with the Arizona proposal too. The border patrol should have handle differently, and show more professional on their part, not shyown as killers.

Please tell us what should they have done. What about the Mexican PD doing some work of their and keep these kids away from the river. They can patrol their side as much as we can. I remember as a kid I use to hang out at the river on the US side down by Ysleta, now no one can hang around the river on the US side.

If you have seen the video, two shots were fire and later the third shot seems to be the one that hit the kid. If aftert two shots you continue to throw rocks you are asking for trouble abd the kid found it. If you a watched the video then don't twist the truth to your convenience.

Attorney is one of the few people giving an educated opinion. Most of the comments are based on hatred, racism, and lack of knowledge. The sad part is seeing people of Hispanic origin giving lousy opinions.
There was no need to aim at the child's head. I'm sure the BP agent has an excellent training and could have done a better job and shot the boy somewhere else if he was in such fear for his life. The sad part is that Americans can be at higher risk now, drug people are heartless

So because we are of hispanic origins we should side with the mexicans and forget about our country, our rights our security. Mexico has done nothing but corrupt their own people, heck they can't even protect their own people. I have no loyalty to mexico because of my origins my loyalty is to this country and yours should be too. This is not about hatred or racism its about right and wrong.

My question is this, why when there is some sort of shooting by our so called professional law enforcement, the suspect is KILL? Why can they shoot to dissable the suspect where you simply stop him or her? If this kid(child as some called him) would have been wounded to a wheel chair, then he would passed down to thers what happened to him; and warned them, but why when they shoot at somebody is to kill?

If you were in charge of any Law Enforcement Agency how would you train your officers to shoot to wound or dissable.

All officers are trained to stop the action of the person who is trying to hurt you. There is no training in firearms to shoot a leg, shoot a hand or anything like that. All training that is done are shots to the body and head.

No warning shots are shown nor allowed. If this was a good boy why was he hanging around people who are trouble.

I challenge you to shoot a gun or rock out of someone's hand when you are being assaulted. It looks good on tv, but is not practical...or even possible most of the time. Law enforcement officers are taught to shoot center of mass, which is the biggest target. They are taught to shoot until the threat ends. The fact that this kid was shot in the head tells me that the agent's aim was off, since he trained to shoot for the abdomen. I spent a career in law enforcement and speak from experience.

It's getting pretty old, this "protecting our country' hype! First of all we are not at war with Mexico. The only reason we are in constant fear is because we know we have done many wrongs to the whole world. If we applaud Border Patrol policy (and policy is not law) than we should have no problem understanding if the Mexican government takes this stance too. Let the facts unfold and stop making comments out of myths!!

A "child" of 14 years of age already knows right from wrong and throwing rocks at ANYONE is wrong! Do I condone his shooting? I'm not sure however, I'm pretty sure that we aren't getting the whole truth from either side!! Now, I wonder what would have happened to this boy AND his entire family had he thrown a rock at a Mexican policeman.

I really don't understand why the uproar, there is so much illegal violence going on over there, I wish they would use the same resolve to capture all the drug cartels, and end all the killing over there. Maybe the agent used unnecessary force maybe not, its been proven that children that young have been known to carry weapons. If his life was in danger, he has a right to protect it.

well i live in el paso which is right next to the border and i have seen the story first hand in the newspaper frontpage and they show the boys body laying there while the border patrol agents "investigate" what happend it was horrific if it was ur family member would you feel the same about them getting killed like that ?

Border Patrol was doing its job. People now-a-days don't care of the consequences. This wasn't about nationality. The guy from Border Patrol was protecting himself. I'm Hispanic, but I hate when people try to play the race card.

right on Ray.

It is absurd that Mexicans and Americans protested the shooting of a person throwing rocks at a federal Border Patrol Agent. Although the lose of life is regrettable the action taken by the 14 year old rock thrower is inexcusable. He paid the price for his actions and ignorance is no excuse. When an agent is killed when on duty I don't see these ignorant protesters demanding justice. Cowards throw rocks. Cowards do these things. Stop siding on the side of cowards even if they are teens.

Well, there is most definitely a glaring difference between how Mexicans view breaking the law, and how Americans do. If anyone has a different opinion, I suggest you take a look at the anarchy in Mexico, there is NO respect for authority, in fact, there is only suspicion,fear, and corruption that exists in Mexico, the agent was protecting his life, and his weapon, if he would have been incapacitated, these delinquents would have easily taken his weapon, which is, I believe, their intent.

How do you see the difference? We in America, when we kill innocent people in other countries, we call it collateral damage and have it as our pre-emptive right to murder anyone that stands in our way!! We have it in our minds that we are GOD on earth, and that no other country has this right!! We kill the innocent along with the guilty with impunity with atomic or nuclear weapons and no other country has this right. Corruption, suspicion and fear exists in the US too! SO WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!

Go live in Juarez for a year and then tell me if you noticed a difference.

If you don't like your country why don't you get the hell out and move to Mexico, see how long you stay alive over there. Collateral damage happens in wars and because cowards from all over the world started hiding wihtin the populous therefore making it hard to distinguish friend or foe.

The problem with the Border Patrol's position is that it is not up to the Border Patrol to determine who has a right to shoot at Mexican citizens standing in Mexico. That is the sovereign right of the Mexican government to determine just as it is the sovereign right of the U.S. government to determine who has the right to shoot at American citizens standing in the U.S. If we accept the Border Patrol's position then Mexican government officials have the same right to shoot Americans in the U.S.

and it was done right here on Paisano by the rail road bridge, some people from Mexico were shooting at people in the American side, also why do you think it was said not to drive at night on that road around that area because of car jacking or attack on cars. You are a lawyer and of course you will defend anyone who is in the wrong as long as you can get lots of money out of it. Would you defend this family pro-bono??????????? I do not think so!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe me, I work in Mexico, and if there police was getting assaulted, they would absolutely shoot first and ask questions second whether it be in the US or Mexico. I have even seen their police chase someone who crosses past the American flag on the bridge and they drag them back to Mexico before beating them then arresting them. Its easier to say, not so easy to see. Its sad that this happened but I guarantee you that the Agent was being assaulted and threatened.

IT does go both ways. Who gave the Mexican citizens the right to throw rocks over the border at a Border agent (a federal officer)? If you took a rock and threw it at a Federal agent from Mexico would you expect to be standing? I have no doubt in my mind that they would take the same actions with no remorse.

It's a shame that you are defending the shamefull acts of the border patrol agents, he was just a child, he was on the mexican side, and he threw a stone over more than 20 feet, the coward border patrol agent shot him even tough he was on the mexican side of the border. And now all of you american news stations are accusing the child of eing a delincuent. Shame on you, now we know that it's only a saying that USA is "the land of the free". It's the land of discrimination for minorities.

Kids his age work for the drug cartels. In this day and age a kids age has no meaning especially in a lawless place like mexico, there is no respect for the law, why do you thing all these police officers are being killed, becuase they deserved it, I think not. Even in our country kids younger than that are committing murder. The kid does have a record also, there is proof so shut up and the only discrimination in El Paso happens with people of our own supposed ethnic background.

You know what is a shame is that your view of this whole situation is clouded by the one fact that it was a young kid. Are you saying that if it was an adult that was shot it would be ok? That Border Patrol agent is also someones child, did you think about that? I dont think that this agents Mother would appreciate knowing that her son is getting many stones thrown at him simply for trying to do his job which happens to be protecting us all.

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