Cairo Still in Upheaval As Huge Demonstration Planned

Cairo Still in Upheaval As Huge Demonstration Planned
Monday, January 31, 2011 - 5:53pm

CAIRO, EGYPT— There's still unease in the Middle East Monday after the nation braces itself for another mass demonstration on Tuesday.

Egyptians are referring to Monday as the calm before the storm as thousands of people poured into Tahrir Square Monday night to prepare for a demonstration on Tuesday. Organizers are hoping to have a million people present to oppose President Mubarak.

What was once a movement by the younger generations in Egypt that had stared on Twitter and other social networks changed into a movement taken by the older generations— working class Egyptians and the presence of an organization called The Muslim Brotherhood. The organization is the most organized political group in the country.

The Egyptian police and army patrol the streets, but are not taking action, and are not trying to disperse the protesters. They have, however, set up barricades to try and contain the movement.

President Mubarak has fired his cabinet and has currently been reinstating new members in an attempt to appease protesters.

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