Businesses change the face of The Union Plaza

Businesses change the face of The Union Plaza
Friday, April 19, 2013 - 7:58pm

The Union Plaza has long been a place to party, but now it's changing, along with the rest of downtown El Paso.

The building called The Mix, on San Antonio and Anthony is a part of it.

Norma Barrera opened up her shop, Manchot, in September. It sells novelty items and gifts.

"It’s really exciting. At first when I opened the store, I never thought this was going to happen. At first, I even considered doing Mesa or somewhere else but it's really like a family," said Barrera.

Just next door sits Botticelli, a woman's clothing boutique. Maria Urbina helped open it in November.

She said they're glad to be a part of the movement to move downtown into an eat, shop, play environment.

"Now, you're seeing also small businesses owners such as ourselves, everybody here at The Mix, we're part of it. We're also putting our money down trying to make a difference in El Paso," said co-owner of Botticelli Maria Urbina.

There are other businesses opening up at The Mix. A boutique and salon is scheduled to open Saturday and another clothing store is opening next door in June.

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