Businesses Boom on El Paso's East Side

Businesses Boom on El Paso's East Side
Friday, December 7, 2012 - 9:20pm

It's no secret the east side is growing. Along Eastlake and Lee Trevino, businesses are popping up everywhere, but that's because they're following the people.
Where there are houses and apartments, there's money to be spent.

"Far East El Paso has been growing tremendously by leaps and bounds and what we see here is the residential growth has been greater than the commercial growth," said business owner Carlos Murguia.

Murguia is a co-owner of what he calls a California style flea market. The grand opening is Saturday and the booths they rent are already 90% full.

"Everybody is expanding to the East side," said Aaron Copley, who's helping to open a restaurant. "This is just where the growth is a lot of housing. Businesses are popping up all over here on the East side so El Paso is growing this way".

According to Richard Dayoub of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, El Paso is attractive to businesses for several reasons.
The growth is good for the people who are already here.

"Our population is not going to get smaller," Dayoub said. "It continues to grow and with that there's all these good things that happen. A growing economy, a growing tax base and with that the opportunity to do so many wonderful things".

Dayoub says businesses like El Paso's extremely mild weather and that employees can count on short commutes.

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