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Business Spikes For Body Shops After Storm

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 5:49pm

EL PASO- The snow has come and mostly gone, it leaves behind plenty of evidence, especially the estimated 225 car wrecks since Monday.

The Sergio Lewis Body Shop tells us that they've been flooded with calls since Monday night's storm.

For Kerrie Gutierrez, even though she drove cautiously during Monday night's storm, it didn't mean her car would come out scotch free.

"I was at Trejwood and George Dieter at the light and the lady in back of me, she was hit by another truck. Then she hit me, and then I hit a lady in front of me. So, I was stuck in the middle of three cars,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez brought her car to The Sergio Lewis Body Shop to fix the damage.

"My front end, all the paint is chipped off and coming off the back. On the right side the light and bumper where it meets is all popped out. My alignment is all messed up, now it's moving towards the right,” said Gutierrez.

Body Shop manager Norma Jean Magana says that they have been flooded with calls. She says drivers have been calling to tell them how their vehicle was damaged.

"They lost control. They didn't see the black ice. Their vehicle started, you know out of control, hitting poles, hitting other cars,” said Magana.

Insurance agent Ali Boureslan says that drivers should call their insurance company as soon as they get into a wreck.

"If you are in accident, contact us immediately. It doesn't matter what time. Me personally, I have my home phone number on my business cards,” said Boureslan.

While Gutierrez waits for her insurance claim to go through, she hopes others drive without distractions.

"You know, don't talk on your cell phone, don't text, don't put your seat belt on, and slow down. I mean, I had both my daughters in my car at the time. I'm happy they're fine, but it could be someone else,” said Gutierrez.

El Paso police say emergency crews responded to 75 traffic collision calls yesterday morning in just a five hour period.

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