Business Set to Boom Thanks to Sun Bowl


POSTED: Monday, December 27, 2010 - 5:48pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 27, 2010 - 6:05pm

EL PASO- Kickoff in the 2010 Sun Bowl is just days away, generating a lot of buzz in the Sun City.  That's not lost on businesses, who are aiming to turn all that hype into profit.  NewsChannel 9's Matt Rivers has more on how two local stores are trying to score big off the game.

Grind, steam, brew, and pour.  That's how you make a latte at Kinley's Coffee House, and it ends at the register with a sale.

It's a process owner Kinley Pon expects to be repeated quite a bit come Friday. 

"I've been open six and a half years and each time we have the Sun Bowl, it gets better and better each time," he told us.

Last year, the popular coffee house was packed with fans looking to caffeine to get ready for gametime.  This year, they might just be looking to warm up, with a forecast calling for highs in the fifties.

"It's a big day.  Normally, I would staff about 3 on a normal day, but I'll have to have at least 5 maybe on that day," Pon says.

All that leads to a very healthy bottom line, a day Kinley's looks forward to all year.

"We normally would have, I would say about a 40 to 45 percent increase on sales alone," said Pon.

A short drive up Mesa takes you to a spot serving beverages of the adult kind.  But different drinks don't mean lower profits.  In fact, it's the opposite.

"We're expecting a super, super day.  For us, it's the biggest day of the year," says Cincinnati Bar part-owner Jim Fynquist.

The bar is expected to be jammed.  With a twelve o'clock start, people have plenty of time for a cold draft, both before and after the game.

"The game is already sold out so fast and on top of that I'm sure it's going to be on TV," Fynquist said.

Our sister station, Local 4 News, will air the game, which means lots of pints will be sold during all four quarters.

"We're expecting a big, big day.  I think every Sun Bowl has been a great day for this establishment," said Fynquist.

Both Kinley's and Cincinnati Bar are close to the Sun Bowl, but the game's effect will reach farther than just the west side.

Stores across El Paso are expected to do well throughout the week.  According to figures compiled by the El Paso Convention Bureau, the city stands to make upwards of $30 million off the game.

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