Busiest Shipping Day Of The Year

Busiest Shipping Day Of The Year
Monday, December 10, 2012 - 7:16pm

FedEx expects today to be the busiest shipping day of the year and in its history. 

The shipping giant expects to move 280M packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas, that would be a 13% increase over last year.

That's in deliveries on the ground and through the air.

FedEx has 660 jets, which is the fifth largest fleet in the world.

The team in this high-tech command center keeps track of the traffic analyzing data from check-points and scanners.

Global operations coordinates all of that, monitors the weather and alters routes both on the road and in the air.

"We develop a plan, a strategy if you will, to mitigate those problems, whether it be weather or traffic or hurricane, or typhoon, we work around those things to make sure those packages get there." said FedEx Operations Control Paul Tronsor

If you're waiting until the last minute to ship by ground, fedex says you'll have to send your presents by December 17. 

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