Burglary arrests could lead to more victims

Burglary arrests could lead to more victims
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 4:55pm

The arrests of a mother and her two sons charged with a string of burglaries in Dona Ana County could lead to more victims.

Faith Clark, 50, and her two sons Richard Clark, 31, and Justin Clark 21, were arrested and charged in connection to at least 7 burglaries in Dona Ana and the East Mesa between the start of the year and March.

"We located almost two dozen firearms, some compound bows and some miscellaneous electronics," said Dona Ana County Sheriff's Spokesperson Kelly Jameson.

Jameson said the stolen firearms and other items were found in one of Clark's homes and a storage unit.

The arrests and recovered stolen items came after months of investigating similar burglaries in the area.

Dona Ana resident Charles Glover went to the Sheriff's Office Tuesday afternoon in hopes some of his stolen firearms may have been recovered.

His home was burglarized nearly five years ago while he was out-of-town.

He said when he returned the guns were gone, including a rifle handed down multiple generations.
"We thought we were in a pretty good neighborhood but you never know," Glover said.

Glover added that some of the other things of value in his home, like computers and cameras were left alone.

The Dona Ana man thinks the arrests of Clark could help him find the treasured weapons if the recent string of burglaries is tied to his case five years ago.

"We're not sure if any of these cases specifically are related to anything that may have happened prior to January," Jameson said.

Jameson added investigators are looking into it and it's possible there were more victims.

She added anybody who may have been a victim should contact the department.

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