Burglar Shot and Killed, Neighbors Defend Action


POSTED: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - 1:47pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 6, 2010 - 7:55pm

EL PASO, TX - Police say a man broke into a Northeast El Paso home around five this morning. Neighbors say there was a family of four, including two young children inside. Were told the man went through the fridge before being found hiding in a closet. That man ended up shot and killed.

"I'm glad he nailed his ass," Joy Casper told News Channel 9.

Casper lives in the neighborhood. She says it's normally quiet and wonderful, and she's standing up for the family.

"When these people break in they don't send you an announcement saying I'm going to visit you for coffee at four o'clock in the morning, you don't know what they're going to do to you," Casper said

The family caught the man and called 911, but while police were on their way one of them shot the man, and he later died. Neighbors say the homeowner was defending his family because the man hit him with a chair.

"The way it played out it sends a very clear message. Do not mess with this neighborhood. Do not mess with us up here," Van English said.

English is the Vice-President of the neighborhood association. He said his community is very isolated, and very protective.

"The quick protective action that this homeowner took, to protect the family and the home, is evidence of that."
Police haven't released the names of anyone involved, and they also say this is a very quiet neighborhood, one with little to no crime perhaps because of neighbors.

"We've never had an issue, neighbors are always looking out for each other, and we've always left doors open, always felt that the neighborhood's very secure," Maria Orona said.

"We have neighborhood watches, on different sections of the street and so on, and we look out for each other, of course if things happen in the middle of the night most of us are asleep," Klaus Hille said.

When we asked neighbors if this changed the way they felt about their safety they said no. They said they too would have fought back to protect themselves.

"I don't have a weapon, and I could tell you it would be a hard road for anyone who tried to get in my house, English said.

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GREAT action by the home owner! You play in other peoples homes and try and steal you pay the ultimate price..., with your life!
Maybe, just maybe these petty crooks will learn that in this day and age, homeowners will DEFEND FAMILE and property with firearms. That is exactly why attending a concealed carry course, getting the proper firearms training and then using [force] if your family, life or property is threatened.
My Hat is Off to the Home Owner!

excellent! i would have done the same, and not think twice. good job.


Now if they would only do the same thing to people breaking into the country........

intruders do not " raid the fridge " upon entering a home if the motive is bodily harm towards the residents. i think the home owner had an alternative prior to going all charles bronson, clint eastwood, and chuck norris on the hungry fellow.

1. They might raid the fridge if they were drugged up or mentally unstable. You call the intruder a "hungry fellow," but in fact don't know WHAT his motive or state of mind was.
2. Read more carefully. The homeowner had an alternative and took it - he held the burglar and called the police. Only when he was assaulted with a chair did he resort to force. Think a chair isn't a deadly weapon? Let someone hit you over the head with one.

Gee, let's have someone break into your house in the middle of the night, especially with all the violence that is spilling over the border, and let's see how diplomatic you can be. Until you've walked in that husband/father's shoes, you might want to keep your judgments to yourself!

Im gonna go buy a gun !!!!!

we are missing some details that are very important like what instigated the sooting if they had him ... what force the homeowner to shoot was he trying to scape or something else.. ? but over all I egree with the homeowner you enter my house you will get a bite from a belgin shepard and a 9mm with a frace "may god keep your soul under lock and key "

It says in the article that the intruder tried to hit the homeowner with a chair after he called the police. A chair can be a dangerous weapon. Think about how you'd like to get hit in the head with a heavy, wood kitchen chair. If he was strong, it could kill you, you'd be lucky to get away with only a concussion. And that's assuming that once you're knocked out, he doesn't go ahead kill you while you're helpless.

Hi Maggie,

We released all the information we know. Police released very little info on what actually happened. Today we tried to get in touch with the family, but we were not able to. Keep checking back for the latest info!

Anthony Garcia

I have a message for Mr. English-Don't advertise that that you don't have a weapon in your house and because of the events that took place should think seriously about getting one and learn how to use it.

Why did the police take the man downtown for doing a legal act in his own home? Also, what level of competency does that indicate when the neighborhood is blocked off all day? Perhaps the police were trying to be Janet Reno clones, trying to find fault with a hero.

Maybe to get a full and accurate account of what transpired? Though unlikely this man couldve been invited in then shot and made to look like a home invasion. Just something you have to consider when your a cop.

Great! That's one less scumbag inmate that we have to worry about feeding,clothing,sheltering, and providing free medical care! The person who shot this burglar saved the taxpayers about $30,000 a year to lock this person up if he were still alive! The family might want to consult with an attorney in case the family of the burglar decides to file a wrongful death lawsuit against them.

Now all we need is for the grand jury to reach the right decision, NO BILL. Self defense. Bravo, well done! Way to refuse to be a victim!

I'd do the same thing this home owner did and won't think twice about it. Won't care about it. Sucks to be the burglar. Cause people are right. You don't know what they will do. And yes, as for the family of the burglar, oh will. They knew he was doing things and probably tried to stop him somewhere in his life. Maybe? Now all the home owner has to worry about is being sued. Cause as screwed up as our laws are, the dead guy had rights...even after he broke the law....don't figure....Good job guy

The grief of both families is unfortunate. But it could have been prevented if the burgler, thief, crook, and who knows what else could be on his wrap sheet would have only been smart enough to not go inot a house tht is not his, and furthermore of someone he did not know. Bottom line he got the extreme punishment for his crime. But it is within the law, and furthermore justified. Walk into my house and I dont know you, the very least your getting is a german shepperd to the face....

That's what happens when you break into people's homes to take what doesn't belong to you.

Instant Karma!!!

Way to go!

ITS AS IT SHOULD BE..I as well would have done the same thing to protect my family. Its very sad that the family now has to live knowing that a person was killed in their home, and the individual who shot the intruder as well has to live with that. Truly sad on how many lives are effected by a burglar.

Watch the family of the burglar ..."he was so nice" they didn't need to kill him ect..."

Ahahah he was a "nice" burglar ahaha did he leave you a chocolate mint after he had robbed you. Too funny.

Good Job Neighbor!

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