Buildings and Standards Commission Could Reopen in May

 Buildings and Standards Commission Could Reopen in May

POSTED: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 6:08pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 6:10pm

EL PASO - This is one of about 60 abandoned buildings in El Paso.

And anyone who's filed complaints to the city won't be seeing them knocked down or revamped anytime soon.

"Since July, until now we have not been able to take any of that action," Bill Stern, Chief Inspector for Environmental Services said.

The roadblock is a result of a decision from the Texas Supreme Court that has the city rewriting their ordinances, an additional change: building owners will have 30 days to appeal once their property has been condemned. Neighbors are the ones suffering.

"Our restrooms have been vandalized, they didn't come in through our office because we would have seen them on our cameras somehow they came in through the back. It could have been from people from the vacant house next door or somewhere else. We don't know," Jesse Sameniego said.

"Somebody could light it on fire or it could just catch in fire And we're really close by and our parking lot is right next the the building," Jessica Deanda said.

Inspectors say they're hoping to start working on the problems again by early May.

"We'll be taking cases back the building and standards commission to make the determination as to whether the buildings are unsafe or not and take the required action such as boarding up the building cleaning the property vacating it or demolishing the property," Stern said.

If there's an abandoned building in your area you can still report it and an inspector can investigate, it just may take a while for anything to be done.

To report an abandoned building in your area just call (915) 599-6290.

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