Buglers hold heavy responsibility at horse races

Buglers hold heavy responsibility at horse races
Sunday, March 24, 2013 - 9:55pm

Thousands flock to Sunland park to watch the Sunland Derby, one of the biggest horse races in the sport including three very important ladies dressed to the nines.

The anticipation builds to one moment, not when the horses break from the gate, but when the buglers sound their horns.

"We play the call to post. This is how we notify the racers and the horses. It's time to go," said bugler Lindsey Pace.

Buglers have great responsibility during the Sunland Derby.

"We are the introduction to everything," said bugler Megan Valle.

Not everyone can handle it, you've got to be a master at your craft.

"You gotta be able to hit the pitches every time and not mess up, not choke and make it happen. It's a lot of stage performance, you're on TV. You got all these people watching you,” said bugler Megan Valle.

You have once chance to get everyone's attention.

"Not psych yourself out, because you only get on shot to do this," said bugler Sara Baqla.

Lindsay, Megan and Sara are the three ladies underneath the top hats, are not only co-workers, also good friends. They met while studying music at UTEP.

"Pretty cool not many people get to say they do this. This is my job that I do on the weekends," said Baqla.

"It's so much fun, we get out here, everybody's out here to watch the races. so much excitement going on, everybody's watching for their horse to win."

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