Budget Shortfall Threatens Texas

Budget Shortfall Threatens Texas

POSTED: Friday, May 28, 2010 - 10:38am

UPDATED: Monday, May 31, 2010 - 5:04pm

Austin, TX - State lawmakers face a daunting challenge when they convene in Austin in January.

They must find $18 billion to balance the state budget.

Republican leaders requested that state agencies lower their funding requests by 10 percent in addition to an earlier request to cut budgets by five percent.

For months now, revenues to the state have been lower than they have been in the past largely due to the current economic downturn.

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Unfortunately fhero the numbers are staggering and the federal government is very much aware of that. What needs to happen first of all is keep the Border patrol staff awake so they can keep Illegals out and secondly what ever law TX is prepared to write must be inforced,all these do-gooders,Cops who don't like the law,Priest,social activist,Lulac and the like well they need to start looking at whats happening to this country and if we won't support our civic leaders were doomed.

Whats funny is they showed an average report of how much money immigrants get from the state. If Texas would get in gear and realize un-documented workers/people do not pay back into the system that they are taking from. Just a thought.

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