Broken well means classes cancelled for three Sunland Park schools

Broken well means classes cancelled for three Sunland Park schools

POSTED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 5:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 5:26pm

School has been cancelled for three Sunland Park schools for Tuesday. This after educators deal with a downed well, for a third time within the last three months.

Three schools have had to deal with the downed well over the past few days -- Riverside Elementary, Desert View Elementary, and Sunland Park Elementary. The Gadsden Independent School District has had to scramble today to supply water for their students.

We asked a parent if he knew about the cancellation of classes for Tuesday. “No, I was unaware of that,” Alonzo Morales replied. Morales said he was also unaware the school has had to deal with a downed well. "I'm a little surprised but, you know, things like this aren't convenient."

Even though the news has him off guard, the father of two says he's not too concerned. "Actually, my wife is very much involved with the school. And they tend to take care of the issues that are at hand here at this school."

The principal at Sunland Park Elementary has been dealing with the issue but said the staff has come together to ensure things go swimmingly. "We do have a little bit of water pressure and the district has brought in potable water for us to drink,” Jim Von Nosdale explained. "We're able to deal with the bathroom situation by manually going on, monitoring carefully."

The Camino Real Regional Utility Authority (CRUA) manages the well. They say they’ve inherited the problems. "Trying to put the system up to par to where it should have been, where it should have been maintained from years past when it was with the City of Sunland Park,” Anna Apodoca, the Officer Manager for CRUA explained.

School will be back in session on Wednesday for the schools affected. "I would hope that they would learn from this experience and maybe get the news out faster,” Morales quipped. With that time, some parents are hoping officials learn a lesson as well.

Crua also told us the well is such a huge system, they may need to redo the entire system and they're hoping to combat this issue should it arise again.

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