British filmmaker makes stop in Hatch

British filmmaker makes stop in Hatch
Sunday, February 17, 2013 - 11:36pm

A British filmmaker is on the journey of a lifetime as he travels through North America asking people about their choices in life.

Dave Gill, 23, is three months into his loop across the continent and stopped in Hatch over the weekend.

"Crossing into New Mexico it's so colorful and friendly," Gill said. "I'm having a good time."

Gill left a good job back home making television commercials after his work became unfulfilling.

"I found myself not really doing that kind of thing on a day to day basis and I thought I got to get back to where I was," Gill said.

Gill has always sought out adventure and chose to travel to America to document how people live and the choices they've made in large part because of the open roads.

He set off on his journey last november with only the essentials needed to survive.

He has his camera and laptop to document the interesting people he encounters.

"It's so diverse," Gill said. "The people and the places."

The British filmmaker has already traveled along the East Coast, through the South and made a stop in Southern New Mexico.

He will be heading to San Diego then up the coast to Canada.

Along the way he sleeps wherever the sun goes down.

"If it starts getting really dark, I'm just going to find a place to camp," Gill said at one of his travel stops.

He said the difference in people is so noticeable even across state lines.

Gill said most of the places he has been to have been quite welcoming, but there's others that are not so much.

"You're on a bike and you ride faster than anybody can run," Gill joked.

He added at times the road does get lonely, but that's quickly solved wherever he finds a wifi connection to chat with folks back home.

"It's like a roller coaster," Gill said. "The highs are amazing and sometimes you have a low."

He said he's received feedback on his website of people living vicariously through him.

At the end of his journey he will be putting together a film of the people he's met and interviewed.

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