'The Bridge' murder mystery based on El Paso-Juárez border

'The Bridge' murder mystery based on El Paso-Juárez border
The Bridge

POSTED: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 9:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 9:45pm

Enlists local reporter to help authenticate show

The Borderland stars in the murder mystery thriller “The Bridge.”

"The network really liked the idea in order to reach out to the Latino community," said El Paso Times Adriana Chavez.

She has a direct connection to the show, as the show creators chose to loosely base a character on her. Her character is named Adriana and also a times reporter. The show takes place on the El Paso- Juarez border and enlisted Chavez to help keep the cable show true to the area.

"They wanted to know what life is like living here. I was flattered. I didn't know I had that much of an impact on them," said Chavez.

Crews shot The Bridge in the borderland and on a set in California, where Chavez visited.

"The actors were asking me hey does this look like El Paso and i said no not really."

But Chavez said she does believes the show will be authentic looking and stay true to some of the story lines.

"They edited it. You get that El Paso feeling and that feeling of being in Juarez as well," said Juarez. The drug related violence in Juarez. How safe El Paso is and i think they'll stay true to that."

But some might be concerned about the image the show could create.

"Theres a lot more things that go on in El Paso, other than violence," said west El Pasoan Jimmy Ruckman. His food truck business Takorexico is associated with Lucy's Cafe, a restaurant shot in the show.

But Bill Blazek with the El Paso Convention and Visitor's Bureau isn't too worried.

"It's television. It's entertainment more than it is influence on a person's ability to evaluate a community," said Blazek.

For now Chavez will sit back and relax and watch the premiere of The Bridge.

"They were really impressed by the area. They hope that the series is successful so that they can come back and shoot more," said Chavez.

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