Brake Masters Controversy


POSTED: Thursday, August 5, 2010 - 5:05pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - 12:56pm

El Paso - An East El Paso woman has been without her car for a month. She blames a local Brake Masters after taking her car into the shop for a routine oil change.

Jessica Fielder dropped her 2007 Nissan Frontier off at a Brake Masters for service in early July. Since then, her car's been stored in a mechanic's yard after she claims a Brake Masters employee started her car and got into an accident at the shop which totaled the hood.

"When i went, how they explained it was they left the truck on to open the door to let it out and the car jumped into gear on it's own and crashed below a car and the car fell on top of it," said Fielder. She has been without any form of transportation for three weeks. When she does occasionally get some wheels, it's not without a cost.

"Sometimes I have to borrow my husband's car and every now and then it's really hot.  It doesn't have air conditioning and I have to take my girls in that car and sometimes they cry and they don't want to be in that car," states the 20 year-old El Pasoan.

Fielder says she can't afford her car repairs and argues Brake Masters should pony up the money. 

"They have me without transportation. Now I have to come up with the money for something that was their fault in the first place. I should have my truck by now."

Break Masters released a statement  from apologizing to fielder for any inconvenience. They have promised to pay for all car repairs.

Fielder doesn't want to get taken for a ride, but for this 20 year-old, it's been a long hot summer without one.

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Brake Masters of El Paso is pleased to report that Mrs. Fielder received her vehicle on August 9, 2010, paid for in full by Brake Masters. Mrs. Fielder expressed complete satisfaction with the work and condition of her vehicle.
Alex Corrales
Director of Field Operations, Eastern Region
Brake Masters

you both were wrong! brake masters was completly right! they should sue her for defamtion of character

Seems to me this lady should get an Attorney and sue them not only for the damage, but time lost, inconvenience etc. While the car is in Brake Masters care, it's THEIR Responsibility. They should have given he a rental, but it doesn't sound that they are too smart. If the lady doesnt get an Attorney and sue, she is making a big mistake. BTW, I AM NOT an Attorney, Im just using common sense, which seems to be lacking here in El Paso.

Whats funny is they said it was a problem with the clutch when that truck should be an auto tranny. Wow no wonder why they turned around and wanted to pay for everything. No way can a auto tranny jump gear if its in park because there is a safety mechanism that will let you rev the engine but its not in gear.

BTW the title of this article is Brake not Break.

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