Boy with Muscular Dystrophy to Get Free Service Dog

Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 7:24pm

EL PASO - Most of us can remember that excitement we felt when we got our first dog. We wanted a buddy, or a companion. But, for some people, having a dog is much more than that. It gives them a sense of independence. That's especially the case for those afflicted with muscular dystrophy.

John Dylan Cully, 10, said this is his lucky day. Sam's Club and Wishbone have teamed up to get him a special service dog.

"It's exciting....finally, I got sponsored...waited for six years,” said Cully.

"Waiting is boring. This part is fun,” added Cully.

Cully needs the dog. He has been diagnosed with ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy; it's a degenerative condition that gradually weakens his muscles, making it more difficult for him to get around.

Cully's been wanting a companion for a long time, and he's not getting just any canine, he's getting a special canine, that's been trained for two years.

"It's either a Golden Retriever...or a Labrador,” said Cully.

Cully's mother, Jamie Cully, said the dog will help her son do more things on his own.

"A service dog will really impact John Dylan's life, and allow him to be more independent. It will allow him to break some of the social barriers that people have when they see someone in a wheelchair,” said Jamie Cully.

Kristen Cox also has a child with muscular dystrophy. She said her son, Kyle Cox, has benefited from his own canine companion.

"She has given him a lot more independence, and she's given me some peace,” said Kristen Cox.

"It feels great. It's nice to see someone else experience...what I experience in getting a service dog,” said Kyle Cox.

John Dylan Cully told us that what he's mostly looking forward to from his dog, is finally having a sense of normalcy.

"Instead of people looking at the wheelchair, they're going to look at the dog instead of me...instead of looking at me weird,” added John Dylan Cully.

Those special service dogs can cost up to $20,000 each. We're told John Dylan Cully will get his dog next year.

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