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Borderland Gets Warm Weather For Winter

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 11:24pm

It's not spring or summertime in the Borderland but Isabel Gonzalez says it's been too warm to wear heavy clothing this winter season.

"I'm just wearing a dress with heels and a light jacket. i actually really like it, i'm not comfortable with the cold," says Gonzalez. 

Isabel is not alone. Many El Pasoans, as well as Americans across the country have noticed this holiday season is warmer than usual.

"It's not a myth, we are warmer than average. Last month, it was 5 1/2 degrees above normal. Seventy-two degrees was our average high for November and we should be in the upper 50s right now, and we're still talking temperatures in the low to mid 70s," says KTSM Chief Meteorologist, Chuck DeBroder.

In places like Tulsa, Oklahoma, residents normally look forward to ice skating this time of year but it hasn't gotten cold enough for the ice to stay frozen.

Experts say high pressure systems up North have been blocking cold weather from making its way across the nation.

While some are embracing the beautiful weather, others say warm temperatures don't get them in the mood for the holidays.

"I think being that it is the winter and christmas is around the corner, it should be colder, maybe even see some snow if we could," says Oscar Garcia.

"I'd prefer it to snow, actually. i'd prefer the cold weather over the warm weather just because it's christmas time," says Austin Bartlett. 

The warm weather is not expected to last much longer. Temperatures will drop to the high 50s beginning next week.

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