Border Patrol Rescue Dehydrated Immigrants


POSTED: Monday, June 7, 2010 - 4:46pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 10:10am

Several illegal immigrants had to be saved by border patrol agents after a failed smuggling attempt.

It happened in Hidalgo County, New Mexico, Friday night. A car led agents on a chase and eventually ran into a fence on I-10.

Four immigrants were packed inside the trunk. Two had to be rushed to a local hospital for dehydration.

After they recuperated, they were released into border patrol custody.

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These are the stories that need to be told, Agents saving lives. Border Patrol Agent get a bad rap because their history 50 to 30 years ago was all about BIGOTRY against minorities crossing the border. Yes, some agents might have misdirected thoughts but the majority of these agents are good people trying to save guard our borders, that is why you can sleep nice and safe at you own home. So minute men and other extremist groups GO AWAY!

Don't these Border Patrol Officers know they are not supposed to racially profile anyone? How did they know these decent illegal folks needed water because the nice coyotes kept them in the trunk during record breaking heat? Bet La Raza won't throw any acolades towards these officers. Glad they are ok. Now send them home.

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