Border Network Criticizes Arizona Immigration Law

Border Network Criticizes Arizona Immigration Law

POSTED: Thursday, April 29, 2010 - 5:25am

UPDATED: Friday, April 30, 2010 - 10:29am

El Paso - The Border Network for Human Rights is taking a firm stand against Arizona's new immigration law.

"We in El Paso feel the need to take a stand now against the potential spread of such harmful and short-sighted legislation before Texas follows in the Arizona footsteps," said the organization in a news release.

"The El Paso community will hold accountable El Paso politicians who are considering trampling constitutional rights and sacrificing the safety, rights and livelihood of border communities."

The Border Network plans to spell out its objections to the new immigration law at a news conference on Saturday.


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I have met a lot of nice peoople from Mexico who have come here legally. US citiens are not allowed to enter other countries without the proper documentation so why should we allow it here. I don't care what your skin color is. Mine's native american. One person on public radio commented Obama wants to let them in to get their votes & because they will do the labor here no one else wants to do. They compared this to "slave labor" & commented on who the new "slave master" is.
I was taken back.

Yes illegal entry is breaking the law, but so is racial profiling! I'm a 3rd generation Latina & proud to have been born an American. This law encourages racism & is an invitation for racists to openly hate & discriminate people of color. To all those who blame those darn Mexicans for all the turmoil in America, CONSIDER "treating others like you'd want to be treated"! Wasn't it Hitler who brainwashed a country to hate & blame the Jews for all the turmoil in their lives? Don't be driven by fear.

You are but a small minority. Do not speak for me because I do not agree!! Your words sound like threats and knowing the politicians that represent us they will quaver at the knees. Our representation is obvious if you look at downtown El Paso. It is a flea market. The newcomers to our town think downtown is part of Juarez. Give me a do not represent the majority of El Paso!! Felipe Calderon is making money with the corruption in his cities..of course he is belly aching!!!

Come in to the USA the legal way is great. But Not the ILLEGAL WAY, your backing the LAW.

border network for human rights? just who is "we in el paso feel the need to take a stand" in el paso. why do they think they can speak for the rest of the legal mexicans in el paso. we need that same law here in el paso! who cares about felipe calderon says he's not our president! we are taxpayers and we are tired of paying for all the illegal immigrants.

This threat sounds like something Reyes would cook up.

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