Bob Jones, Former CEO of NCED, Sentenced to Prison


POSTED: Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 5:55pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 1:03pm

EL PASO- The kingpin of an El Paso fraud operation that swindled the US government out of millions of dollars is behind bars tonight. Robert Jones was sentenced to ten years in federal prison earlier today.

Bob Jones was the ringleader of a massive corruption scandal, that included bribing local officials and securing millions of dollars in no-bid government contracts.

US District Judge Frank Montalvo handed down the sentence earlier today, remanding Jones into custody immediately, where he'll begin serving his sentence.

The judge also ordered Jones to re-pay over $68 million dollars to victims of his crimes. Jones used to be the CEO of the National Center for the Employment of the Disabled.

It was there that he lied to the US government about the disabled status of his employees, receiving money from the federal government as a result.

He also bribed local county and school officials for years, offering illegal campaign contributions in exchange for vendor contracts.

Patrick Woods, a former board member of NCED, was also sentenced today, receiving three years in prison for his role in the scheme.

Unlike state prison, which typically offers inmates parole, no such deals are struck in federal prison.

According to the US Attorney's office, Jones will likely serve at least nine years of his ten year sentence.

Interestingly enough, Jones's home was featured as the most expensive home in El Paso during our series last week.

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He should have got an extra 10 years for looking like a crook.

10 years is not long enough for this scumbag, that made millions through a federal program designed to help the disadvantaged. I hope he meets up with Big Bubba and his gang in prison, and spends some quality time with them nightly.

For a man's ways are before the eyes of the Lord, and he puts all his goings in the scales.
The evil-doer will be taken in the net of his crimes, and prisoned in the cords of his sin.
Proverbs 5:21

Good Work Thank You, Judge. Though, I do not believe ten years will teach him to be honest.

well I guess it now belongs to the government. They should sell that home and put it back into our government. Thanks Bob. See Ya in 9 years

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