Black Friday Shoppers Brave The Rain


POSTED: Friday, November 25, 2011 - 5:32pm

UPDATED: Saturday, November 26, 2011 - 9:35am

EAST EL PASO- When a rare rainstorm collides with Black Friday, what happens to all those day after Thanksgiving shopping deals? Newschannel Nine spoke with shoppers at Cielo Vista Mall to see how they were handling the wild weather.

Shoppers who are determined to find the best deals go as far as camping out days before Black Friday hoping to guarantee getting what they want.

Braving the crowds on Black Friday is bad enough, but having to deal with pouring rain can add another layer of frustration.

"If I was standing outside in these lines while it was raining on me like that, I would have been really annoyed, and they probably could have made a lot of money off people selling umbrellas,” said shopper Briton Merkley.

Cielo Vista had no shortage of deal hunters carrying bags filled with what may go under the Christmas tree, or maybe something they couldn't help but buy for themselves.

"There were people outside standing in the rain. They are insane. So yah, we had already shopped at all of the indoor ones we wanted by then,” said shopper Andria Amodtho

Amodtho says even though she waited in line for two hours, she managed to stay dry.

"Not standing outside any stores, you know. The mall was nice for that. It was like we were out of it, but it was like no. We are going to go home now,” said Amodtho.

Jeffrey Leroy says he spent less money than he planned, only because the deals were so good. He's happy he stretched his dollars.

"I'm still going to go shopping because I just got back from Iraq yesterday and I have no clothes. Like everything I have on is what I have,” said LeRoy.

LeRoy says despite the rain, crowds were huge at every store, and the lines were worse.

"It was wrapped around the store. Like from the cash register, back through the men's section, passed through the door where you come in,” said LeRoy.

Others didn't have a choice to tough out the rain. Those were the store employees who are required to work on their busiest day of the year.

"It was raining and it was raining horrible. The people started coming and they didn't stop coming. They were like going out and in with a lot of bags and everything,” said mall employee Lizbeth Padron.

The skies cleared up in parts of town this afternoon, so good thing for some shoppers because all they have to deal with now are puddles.


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Ahhh, today I "shop small!"

If I had gone to the mall I would have spent a lot of money on "bargains" I wouldn't need.

Remember, a bargain is a bargain only if you NEED it. There is a difference between want, need, and greed. Want and greed cost a lot of money!

The people that fight those crowds are "Gluttons for Punishment", and the ones that camp out are WAAAY to hard-core for me.
I'll just wait till I get my V.A. Disability Check deposited on the first, and take the 80 mile trip into the madness of El Paso from out here, and go to WalMart, and get 5 gift cards for $20 each, mail them to family members, and gift shopping is DONE. They can use the cards for food, gifts, even gasoline, whatever they need.
Then it's back home to Salt Flats QUIET.

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