Bishop to Leave Diocese of El Paso


POSTED: Thursday, December 1, 2011 - 4:50pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 2, 2011 - 2:28pm

EL PASO - After 15 years in our community, Bishop Armando Ochoa announced today that he is leaving the Catholic Diocese of El Paso.

Bishop Ochoa will be moving to back to his home state to serve the Diocese of Fresno in California.

Parishioners came to the announcement to show their support for Bishop Ochoa.

He expressed gratitude to the community and spoke of challenges to come.

"It's really with a sad heart that I take this new responsibility. This has been my home and more than just a home it's been my family for the last 15 years," Bishop Ochoa said.

"He's done a lot of projects for the youth, I think the youth has been more involved in the Catholic Church and I believe that's our strong point, we have to have the youth coming. We do have more of the elderly crowd, more professionals also," Ibrahim Briones said.

Bishop Ochoa will still be in El Paso throughout the holidays and probably won't leave until February.
There is still no word who his successor will be, however, it can take several months to replace a bishop.

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1113 is also not even close to being a priest or even an altar boy or nun so why should we in El Paso believe that what the church teaches here in El Paso is "watered down" as compared to the teachings of California? The state with the most crime and all around "bad" people in the nation. The Vatican council has made it clear that every church shoud teach the same doctrine "universaly" all across the world.

Thank God for El Paso and Woe to the city of Fresno!

May we all pray for the Bishop to return to the true Catholic faith not this watered down catholicism which is being taught in all of El Paso parishes.

If you don't like El Paso then leave! Why do people like you have to talk trash about El Paso even when it comes to religion. Do us a favor and you leave and may we all pray that you are never seen here again.

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