Billy Abraham's Father Reacts to Indictment

Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 4:20pm

The father of an El Paso businessman accused in a deadly hit and run says this tragedy could have happened to anyone.

Billy Abraham was indicted yesterday on intoxicated manslaughter and an accident involving death.
NewsChannel 9 spoke with his father, Sib Abraham, who wants to tell you his son's side of the story.

Billy Abraham was driving home at 9:41 p.m. when he hit and killed a homeless man named Jay Grady. That's a fact.

But, according to his father, no driver would have been able to avoid the accident under the same circumstances.

"Dark night, not in a crosswalk, the street lamp out, somebody darting in front of a vehicle," Abraham said.

Sib says Billy stopped, looked in his rear view mirror, but it was too dark outside to see anything.

"If he knew that he had hit an individual, he would have stopped. No doubt in my mind about that," Abraham said.

We asked him why his son would have kept driving after hitting something.

"Chuckholes, drainage areas, they have those 18-wheeler tires that are debris upon the road and you hit those things and it slams up against your vehicle," Abraham said.

Billy was arrested for intoxicated manslaughter, but Sib says Jay was also under the influence of alcohol when he stumbled in front of Billy's car.

"Mr. Grady has I believe it's a .23, which is three times over the limit we don't have what Billy's level was if any," Abraham said.

Billy allegedly refused to stop when Border Patrol agents followed him down Paisano. His father says if he wanted to escape he could have.

"The next street on over from El Paso Street is Santa Fe that would take you into Mexico, he didn't do any of that. He stayed on the same street going home because he didn't think he had hit a person," Abraham said.

NewsChannel 9 asked Sib Abraham if his contributions to the District Attorney's Office and local judges would influence his son's trial.

"The District Attorney's Office are professionals, the judges here are professionals, have I made contributions of course. I make contributions to everybody that does not impact on anything," Abraham said.

Billy Abraham's arraignment is set for next Thursday morning.

NewsChannel 9 continue to follow this story and give you the latest.

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