Bill Denying Illegal Immigrants Driver's Licenses Passes in NM House

Bill Denying Illegal Immigrants Driver's Licenses Passes in NM House

POSTED: Friday, March 4, 2011 - 8:41pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 10:20am

SANTA FE - The New Mexico state house of representatives passed a bill late Friday evening denying the issuance of driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants, according to a news release from the House GOP committee.

In a 42-28 vote, House Bill 78 passed, which requires a valid Social Security number in order to obtain a license.

Rep. Andy Nuñez of Hatch introduced the bill in the Legislature.

The bill now needs to be passed by the Senate, and signed by the Governor, in order to become law.

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My insurances is going up! dam! we should just let this people do their thing and worry more about this difficult economy

By passing this law New Mexicans are all going to pay the consequences. The State of New Mexico is going to have all these people driving illegally and without insurance. This means higher insurance rates for all of us. Who is going to pay for accidents that involve people without driver's licenses and insurance? WE ARE!

What makes you think that insurance is being carried by 100% of the drivers anyway? Every time I hear of an accident, one party is always (or almost always) uninsured... I do not think it will affect our insurance rates at all.

I agree, when is Texas going to join along? I hope the foodstamp office would do the same.

Another Thank you to ALL 42 lawmakers who voted for this.

Can we begin by SENDING them back to Mexico? Can we begin by FINING the theives who drive with their Mexico plates while living in the U.S and not pay taxes?
Can we begin by not GIVING them jobs?
Can we begin by not HOUSING them?
Can we begin by not allowing them to DRIVE in from MEXICO in their trailers?
Can we begin by not SCHOOLING them?
Can we begin by not GIVING them food stamps?

You Sir(ma'm) need to stop being so ignorant not all illegals are From Mexico, There's over 190 countries in this world, It's people like you that are building hate in this country towards the latino people (especially mexicans) also get your facts right Illegals dont get crap from the goverment ,the majority of them do pay taxes, oh but where's the billions of dollars that illegals don't claim from the IRS every year........ummm do you have an answer for that? I'd like to hear..

A step in the right direction. Texas needs to do the same. Arizona was the first to be proactive now New Mexico. C'mon Texas, lets go!

Thank You to all 42 lawmakers who voted for this. This is a vote for our state and shows the rest of the country that we take guarding Americas southern border seriously. I hope this same enthusiam echoes in the Senate vote.

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