Biggest Home Drug Bust in Socorro since 2005

Biggest Home Drug Bust in Socorro since 2005

POSTED: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 5:41pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 10:00am

Two people are in jail tonight after a babysitter found a big stash of marijuana in the house.

She called Socorro Police and that led to that cities biggest home drug bust since 2005.

Early this morning, Socorro P.D. came to this apartment to arrest 19 year-old Justin Alvarez on traffic charges.

Alvarez' mom had post the bond, so she called a babysitter to stay at the house while she and her son were gone.

The 16 year-old babysitter found drugs in the house. She called the police.

"Up to about nine pounds of marijuana, they also found spice and other items that were found leading us to believe that it's just not possession we're looking at manufacturing," Lt. Jose Alvarez said.

David Garcia, the spokesperson for the city of Socorro says after she called police, the babysitter made another call...

"The babysitter called a friend to tell him what was going on, well the friend came over, seemingly knew what was going on at this point we understand tried to move some of the narcotics," Garcia said.

When Socorro Police arrived at the house, they arrested 17 year-old Gustavo Maynez...

"Asides from the narcotic itself, we found packaging, and things that are used when they sell the narcotic," Alvarez said.

The drug bust happened just across the street from a school.

"We're thankful that people out here call when they suspect something suspicious just like we ask and they do they come through and this is what the result of it is," Alvarez said.

Police say they still may make one more arrest.

"If someone doesn't come forward as the owner of the drugs, the mother's name is the one on the lease then the mother faces manufacturing as well as possession charges as well," Garcia said.

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Is KTSM the only one that doesn't know that if they find out who reported them, they're coming after her? Is it so important to be first, live, and local? KTSM should have reported that the identity of the person who reported drugs was being withheld to protect her. I want you to take responsibility when you have her demise to report in relation to this story. If you don't have one, then, you need a policy that makes it your responsibility to protect informants' identity. Really KTSM? REALLY?

Police should do their job and find the person responsible and not charge the mother just because the lease is under her name. I personally find that unacceptable as far as police investigations go. So police instead of sitting around and eating donuts do some investigation and find the real criminals.

How you gonna charge the mother? See the police don't care about justice anymore all they care is about charging someone and it don't matter if it is the person who committed the crime. Though I am not saying she didn't commit the police are gonna charge her regardless because they want someone to prosecute and it don't matter if she did it or not. That is the most messed up part of our law system. As long as someone gets charged they don't care who committed the crime.

Weak case, I see 3 years probation, $2500 fine. Why is this being treated like a drug lord bust, I smell politics. I bet the cops have already sold it, and is already back on the streets, or maybe even back in the apartment.

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