Better Business Bureau warns against

Better Business Bureau warns against
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POSTED: Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 2:38pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - 3:28pm

A popular New York-based online business that sells discount jewelry, clothing and electronics is facing a wave of complaints from customers who say they have been frustrated in their efforts to get the items they ordered or refunds for defective or missing merchandise.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises caution when dealing with, which lists an address in New York City. markets its website and products extensively on social media sites such as Facebook.

Customers across the nation have filed more than 2,200 complaints against the business, more than 1,300 of those in the past 12 months. The company has an “F” rating with the Metro New York BBB, the lowest possible.

The complaints cover a wide range of concerns, including incorrect, inferior or defective merchandise; issues with customer service; items mailed to the wrong cities, and an unwillingness to make refunds or exchanges.

“I will not order from them again,” said a woman from Altamont, Ill. “I can’t even get hold of anyone to resolve this issue,” said a customer from Troy, Mo.

A customer from Sherman, Texas, complained: “I wish I had never bought from them. What a headache!”

The company advertises savings of 50 percent to more than 90 percent.

The company’s website says: “With incredible products, super low prices and friendly customer service, we strive to be the top choice in the online shopping scene!” says they are able to offer deep discounts on daily deals by taking advantage of manufacturer closeouts, overruns, overstocks and canceled orders.

Records with the New York Department of State show, Inc., first filed registration papers as a Delaware corporation on April 27, 2012. Delaware Department of State records show the company was incorporated in that state four days earlier.

Metro New York BBB said that has responded to an inquiry regarding a pattern of complaints, but failed to provide a sufficient explanation of how the company intends to correct the issues they have been experiencing “regarding the shipment of incorrect, inferior or defective items.”

BBB offers the following tips for consumers ordering items online:

  • Order from reputable businesses, and be careful of businesses you know little or nothing about.
  • If you do order from an unfamiliar company, try to reach a customer service representative by phone or email before ordering. If you can’t reach a real person or if you are put on hold for a long period before being able to speak with someone, that could be a sign of problems.
  • Read and understand the company’s terms and conditions, which usually are printed on its website. Pay close attention to the firm’s refund or exchange policy and know how long you have to return an item in the event you are not satisfied.
  • Pay by credit card whenever possible so that you can challenge the charge with the credit card company if there is a problem.
  • Get a BBB Business Review by going to or calling 577-0195.
  • To file a BBB complaint, go to

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I have ordered multiple times from and have had no issues with delivery or quality. Call me lucky....but research your purchase first people - your ordering online. I will continue to order items as I am a Happy Customer.

I may be one of the few also. I ordered a pair of Dawgs (boots) for $19.00. I figured if they didn't fit then I wasn't out much money. I received an order confirmation and then a tracking number email. Received them yesterday and am happy with them. But judging on the other comments, I would not take a chance and order again. I got lucky once. I won't take another chance with their track record.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH NOMORERACK.COM - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. I purchased a television with free shipping. It took forever to arrive. When it showed up on my door step it was totally damaged. UPS picked up the damaged TV and that's it. It's been days and I'm still waiting for a refund. This vendor does not care about customer satisfaction so do yourself a favor and stay away.

I ordered a 6 PC set of sheets from them and am completely pleased with the customer service, the price and the quality of the sheets.

I too have ordered several items from them. They messd up once and sent me credit and I got to keep the old ones. The quality isn't always the best, but I believe I got what I paid for.

I will never order from them again. Took forever to get my order for Christmas presents and didn't get what I ordered and didn't get my Christmas till March of the next yr. The people that are having problems contacting them this is the # I have1-800-538-9798

I have ordered many items from them even one item in the last month and never had a problem. Always been on time and what I ordered. I protect myself and only settle through a secure server like Paypal. I'm sorry not everyone has had good luck

I have ordered many items from them even one item in the last month and never had a problem. Always been on time and what I ordered. I protect myself and only settle through a secure server like Paypal. I'm sorry not everyone has had good luck

I'm not a plant from any company, I have ordered many items from them including a Kindle for my daughter for her birthday..and have never had an issue, most items arrive faster than I expect. I'm a happy customer. call me lucky if you will. I just ordered last month and already had my items delivered.

I ordered one thing from them and it was broke when I got it. I got ahold of them fairly easy through Facebook and they said they would send a replacement and never did. I guess I will start watching my accounts so I dont get my info stolen. I will never do business with them again

I have ordered from them several times and there has never been a problem. I am most certainly NOT a plant from the company as someone has suggested! I am a retired teacher from rural Oklahoma. I've always been happy with the different products I received from

I have ordered multiple items and have never had a problem.

I have ordered from them for two years and have never encountered a problem. I have always received what I ordered and in a timely fashion. I love this company. So I guess I have been fortunate.

Anybody who is posting here about "never having a problem" is a plant from the company. Do your research, people. Try posting a complaint on their Facebook page. They will delete it within two minutes. Look for the Nomorerack Consumer Complaints page on Facebook, and you'll find THOUSANDS of people who have been screwed by this company, not to mention having their credit card information hacked and used to buy plane tickets and more. DON'T BUY FROM NOMORERACK!

Prove that the person you are talking to is a plant
Iam a 75 year old who has ordered from them recently. Ihad a problem with snow boots and returned them and it was credited back to me in full including the amount of postage it took'
I have gotten one beautiful all leather purse that is so nice! Another everyday purse , ear rings and sheets that I am going to order again. they are so soft and nice to wash up and don't wrinkle in the dryer either. Customer service always has answered the phone

I don't deny what you are saying about negative FB posts and things, since I've never tried. But I too have always had good experiences with them. I've ordered from them probably 10 or 15 times in the last few years and my only complaint is that it sometimes takes a long time for stuff to ship. But they tell you that when you order, so ...... I guess I've just had good luck with them. One time, a few weeks went by without receiving part of my order while the rest of it came, but they refunded.

They've only been in business for 2-3 years. And when you complain on their site or fb they get deleted as soon as you post. So you nor anyone else would know. I had a bad time with them on my first try in 2013 for a Christmas present. I asked questions before ordering. Said they'd ship 2-3 business days and it was stuck in processing from Nov 2nd of that year until Dec. 21. But you know what? They took my money out of my checking account that very first day. Emails went unanswered also.

I have order frequently from NMR. Some items arrived without any problems but I have had to return three seperate items. They rarely issue refunds but will give you store credit. The problem with that is, and this happened to me, if you have a $20.00 credit, they make you purchase at least $30.00 of merchandise in order to use the credit. I did that and good grief, I only received a partial order and the size was wrong!!! Am now trying to get my money refunded. I am done with them now!!!!

I feel lucky1 i ordered a tablet and it came a little late, but was new and works fine. Then ordered a cheap ring and it came timely, one stone fell out though. Then ordered undergarment, and came on time and right color and size. So, I guess I lucked out. But, I won't order again because I suspect they sold my credit card info, had multiple charges in New Jersey and Brooklyn. Both my cards had to be cancelled. The merchants ended up losing a lots money after my banks refunded the bogus charges

I have ordered many items and never had a problem. Even the 2 notebooks I ordered came late but I got a e-mail saying I would have them by Dec24 and they came by that date.

I've bought over a dozen things from them and the only thing I ever had a problem with was a 5 dollar chain that broke 2 days after I got it. I sent in a complaint and they sent me a refund without wanting the item back, along with a 10 dollar credit for a future purchase. My co-worker bought a Christmas gift through them and it arrived 3 days late, but still before Christmas like promised. If you're buying retail items at 90% off, you should know its Walmart quality stuff

I have order from them and will never do it again. The product came broken, when I attempted to contact them no response. In fact I contacted them over 5 times with no response. I went to my state AG office and got no where.I have been in contact with the NY BBB and I am waiting on a response from them. Their last response made no sense. I don't see how this company can stay in business.

They are hard to reach, and I got a wrong item, stone were a different color and could not reach them during Christmas busy days. When I did, they ask if I wanted to return it, did not sound happy about it. Whom ever they get their jewelry from is terrible, says order is completed when it is about to be shipped. Sometimes doesn't fill out tracking form or enter it in where you can track it. I have gotten everything else, ok. I not sure they are accurately saying what the actual retail price is.

I ordered from them once and will never order again. Ordered a pair of boots more than a month before Christmas so that they would come it time after 2 weeks when they didn't show I started calling them and with every call came a new excuse and another wait. I did not get the boots and requested my money back, again another wait. The money never came but the boots did, now we are talking about 2 months after ordered. I ordered a size 9 in these boots and got a pair that was about 6 1/2 .

Same thing happened to me.

Me too! I have never had a problem. Just ordered a tablet before Christmas and am very happy with it and the Company.

I have ordered from them a lot and have never had any problems! Ordered a lot of my Xmas items from them--always like what i got--

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