Beloved dog missing after visit to groomer

EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) - A far east El Paso family is in desperate search for their dog Bonny, who they say went missing after she was dropped off at Doggie Style Grooming in north east El Paso last week.

Sonia Hernandez says it was her first time dropping off her three dogs--two Poodles and one Chihuahua, at that shop which was recommended to her by a friend. She says it had great reviews when she looked it up.

"She is very attached to my son and he has been crying for her and he has been asking me, 'are we going to go look for Bonny today?' And I'm like yes, we are going to go look for Bonny today," said Hernandez.

Hernandez says she has been making daily trips to animal shelters to check if anyone may have found her and taken her there.

According to the manager at Doggie Style Grooming, Michael Suarez, the dog escaped from their back patio where she was let out to play before being groomed. He says it's the first time they have ever experienced an incident like this one.

"It wasn't a thing of neglect, it was nothing like that. I don't know how far she went and what her status is now, but if the community could help with any sightings it would just mean the world to me. I don't care how bad this looks at this point I just want that dog back," said Suarez.

Suarez says he has spent his free-time and days off looking for Bonny.

"On my days off, which haven't been my days off because the spare time I have is spent with this,  if I'm not searching for the dog I'm stressing," said Suarez.

Now the groomer along with the owner are on a mission to find Bonny. Both are offering a cash reward. The groomer is also adding free grooming service to whoever returns her.

Doggie Style Grooming is a local pet grooming shop that's been at 4230 Dyer for about a year now.

"I don't care how bad this looks, at this point I just want that dog back. I'd be torn if it was me," said Suarez.

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