POSTED: Monday, July 13, 2009 - 8:46am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 2:24pm

Elderly man survives over 1,000 bee stings, but his dog is killed by a swarm...

An elderly Arizona man, who is legally blind, was out with his dog Thursday morning when he was swarmed by bees and was stung nearly 1,000 times.

He has since been released from the hospital and is talking about his ordeal.

Every day, 84-year-old John Pool enjoys a walk with his dogs on a path behind his home.

On Thursday John's walk turned into a nightmare.

"I was down there and a bee started buzzing around me and I ignored it and kept on walking. Then were was about three of them, then there was a whole bunch of them around me," Pool recalls.

In a matter of seconds, he was covered with bees.

John had stumbled upon an angry swarm.

"I left the walker and run as fast as I could this way to try and find cover."

"He was coming without his walker and I knew there was something wrong. When I ran out to the gate to see he was just covered in bees, so I pulled off his t-shirt off and got the garden hose and started hosing him off and the dog off as well," says Norma Pool, John's wife.

The bee hive was found inside a brick wall near the pathway. Firefighters say they found thousands of of bees inside.

John was quickly rushed to the hospital, stung about a thousand times.

Today, he's alive to talk about his experience. But his 14-year-old dog shadow wasn't so lucky.

"The veterinarian said that if she hadn't take the two hundred, and that's where he stopped counting the stingers he took out of her, she might've bitten John and it would've been worse for him," Norma Pool says.

All the bees have since been removed, and John isn't letting the bee attack scare him off.

"I'll still be walking the dog, and I'll be a lot more careful though."

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