Baseball Stadium Town Hall Meeting Gets Heated

Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 10:48pm

All across town Thursday night, City Council members held town hall meetings for the community to voice their concerns about the downtown baseball team and stadium plans.
The room was filled  with District 8 constituents that seemed really upset about the baseball park plans.Representative Niland hosted her town meeting at the El Paso Police Department's West side regional command to hear concerns, answer questions and comments about the downtown baseball plans.

At one point things got heated and it turned into a shouting match.Some people expressed how they wished City Council had been more transparent about the plans to relocate City Hall, something that Niland clarified is the only thing tax dollars will pay for.
Some people also stressed how they wished City Council would improve the already existing infrastructure instead of knocking down City Hall and relocating it.

"We wouldn't be as hostile and as frustrated with our City Council because of the fact because u took our decision away from us, when we took our decision of putting our faith in you," said one angry resident.

The meeting last 30 minutes longer than expected and afterwards Niland commented on the outcome of the meeting.

“Polling results that we got said that people wanted this sort of venue, it said that they would actually support it if we could find the hot tax to pay for it and in fact go a step further they said a public private partnership would make it extremely attractive and that's what we did," said Representative Niland.
If the HOT tax is passed in November, it is expected to cover 70% of the stadium costs in the long term. Representative Niland said the point of these meetings were to debate facts, now that the plans have been made for the downtown ball park and Triple A baseball team.

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